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September 12, 2017

Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight is in full flow and the organisers want you to change one thing about your diet.

The nationwide event supports and promotes Scotland’s produce and the people who grow, make, cook and sell it.

Over the course of the fortnight, organisers want the public to champion Scotland’s larder by changing one thing about their diet and eating more Scottish produce.

And to help, Scotland Food and Drink has set out a diary of suggested themes for change.

The full list is here.

Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight
Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight. smoked salmon tart. Breakfast of champions.

Today’s suggestion from Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight is for an indulgent breakfast that uses Scottish marmalade, smoked salmon and oatcakes. The recipe is from Jak O’Donnell, the driving force at The Sisters restaurant.

It takes a little bit of prep so you probably won’t want to try and rustle it up before heading for work. But it would be ideal for a weekend treat.

Take part in Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight

As always, organisers would love to see the public demonstrate their participation on social media. We are invited to join the conversation on Twitter @scotfoodfort using #scotfoodfort and #onethingfortnight.

Of course, marmalade is synonymous with Dundee and the Keiller name.

Apparently, Janet Keiller did not invent marmalade, but she did build the first marmalade factory in 1797.

Instead of a solid paste marmalade, she was the first to cut the peel into ‘chips’ making a jelly-type, spreading marmalade which was ideal for breakfast toast.

Her method increased both the finished volume and the profit margin.

Hot smoked salmon in black pudding & bacon oatcake tartlet, horseradish crème fraiche


Makes 8-10 tarts


225gr Hamlyn’s fine oatmeal

50gr whole-wheat flour

1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

60gr Graham’s unsalted Scottish butter

1/2 tsp Isle of Skye sea salt

60-85ml hot water

You will need large pudding oven tray

Set oven to 180c or gas 5

1 slice of Ramsay of Carluke’s black pudding and 1 slice of Ramsay’s Ayrshire middle bacon

Bake both black pudding and bacon in hot oven until quite crispy then blitz in a blender until crumb like consistency

Boil water and butter together until melted

Mix all dry ingredient in a bowl including bacon and black pudding

Add water/butter mixture slowly until a stiff dough

Roll out to thickness of £1 coin and line pudding trays

Bake for 20-25 mins (they will come out of the oven crisp)

Salmon filling


500gr Marrbury hot smoked salmon

200gr Katy Rodgers creme fraiche

1 tbsp creamed horseradish

1tbsp chopped dill

Cracked black pepper to taste

Leaves to serve



4 tbsp of Dundee marmalade

Zestand juice of 1 lemon and lime

Whisk together marmalade & juice (keep zest separate) until correct consistency

To Serve

In a bowl mix crème fraiche with horseradish, pepper and  chopped dill spoon roughly into tart case

Arrange chunks of smoked salmon loosely on top of cream mixture

Add further tiny sprigs of dill

Toss leaves in dressing set on plate with tart on top of salad

To finish sprinkle lemon & lime zest over plate