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October 31, 2017
Diablo Loco
Diablo Loco: feeling devilish on South Clerk Street. Pic: [Facebook][1].

Halloween seems an appropriate night to say ‘Hola’ to Diablo Loco, a new Mexican bar and restaurant in Edinburgh.

Replacing Clerk’s on South Clerk Street, Diablo Loco promises all sorts of suitably hellish hi-jinks.

Billed as a ‘tequila-soaked, party den serving a sinful selection of drinks and authentic Mexican eats’, it promises to be ‘hotter than hellfire’.

Among the attractions are a spinning tequila wheel and more mezcal than your liver may wish to imagine.

The Infierno basement space can be used for private parties where you can, er, drop your own banging tunes and tuck into infernal concoctions such as the Aztec Sacrifice.

Possibly a first for South Clerk Street.

Student heaven

By now, you’re probably getting the idea that Diablo Loco is perhaps not the best place to take an elderly aunt before catching a string quartet recital at the nearby Queen’s Hall.

That is a discussion for you to have with your aunt.

However, if you are a member of the area’s large student community then you might just think you are in heaven at Diablo Loco.

Or hell.

Diablo Loco Mexican menu

Diablo Loco
Queso Flameado at Diablo Loco: chorizo ragout, topped with tequila-flamed cheese fondue. Pic: [Facebook][1].

The food menu certainly offers plenty of temptations.

You could kick off with pork belly croquettes, crispy chicken wings or chicharron and guacamole. That’s crispy Mexican pork puffs with guacamole, pomegranate and sheep’s milk cheese.

There are filled tacos and main course options such as hanger steak, chicken enchiladas and chipotle-glazed pork belly.

We have not eaten there but the menu looks interesting.

With a handful of honourable exceptions, Mexican restaurants in the Central Belt have not been the most innovative sector of the restaurant industry.

Diablo Loco’s menu makes a more determined effort to explore Mexico’s culinary undergrowth.

Now, I have no idea how authentic it is and I’m not sure that really matters anymore.

However, Diablo Loco dishes such as the pulled chilli jackfruit taco with avocado mojo, pickled onion and fresh coriander sounds rather more intriguing than a bowl of buzzard’s breath chilli.

Not that many people will be paying too much attention after the third spin of the tequila wheel of (mis)fortune.

Day of the Dead party

On Thursday 2nd November, Diablo Loco is holding a Day of the Dead launch party. Fancy dress is encouraged and there will be lots of drink promos.

The 5pm Dining blog wishes the old devil many a fine fiesta.