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October 12, 2017
Seafood week
As part of Seafood Week, artist Prudence Staite created famous attractions in fish form.

We’re in the middle of Seafood Week.

Running until Sunday, Seafood Week is an annual campaign aimed at getting more people to eat more fish, more often.

As part of the campaign, they have commissioned artists to recreate iconic attractions with a fish theme.

Above, we have the Queensferry Crossing in plaice form by Prudence Staite.

Seafood Week: #fishpunday

The 5pm Dining blog is a big fan of the campaign. In particular, we’re enjoying the #fishpunday theme on Twitter.

We love a fishy pun although we have read so many that we are beginning to feel distinctly unwhelk.

If you can think of a better one, mullet over and let minnow.

OK, enough of that.

5pm Dining has lots of great seafood restaurants and you can browse them all here.

In Glasgow, we are lucky to have a number of fantastic seafood restaurants.

From well established plaices (sorry) such as Rogano, Gamba and the Two Fat Ladies restaurants to relative newcomers such as The Finnieston, Cadiz and A’Challtainn, we are spoiled for choice.

And, if you want to try cooking fish yourself, Seafish have provided this Portuguese recipe for tuna.

Portuguese tuna belly cataplana

A Cataplana is a Portuguese, shell shaped cooking pot. Any wide pan with a close-fitting lid will do the job.

_Prep time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 60-75 minutes

Serves: 4

Skill level: Easy Peasy

Recipe by: Seafish_


300 g tuna belly

100 g tellins (use mussels if your fishmonger has no tellins)

200 g clams

1 large sweet potato

2 medium tomatoes

1 medium onion

6 sprigs of samphire

100 g hulled almonds

Olive oil

1 bay leaf

5 garlic cloves


Coarse sea salt


Trim and cut the tuna belly into small cubes. Lightly toast the almonds. Slice the onion and garlic thinly. Skin and chop the tomato. Bake the sweet potato for about 45 minutes at 200C and then cut the sweet potato into rounds.

Place half the onion, the chopped garlic and the bay leaf in the cataplana. Place the tuna belly, sweet potato and toasted almonds on top. Then add more onion, garlic, tomato and samphire.

Drizzle with olive oil, close the cataplana – or put the lid on your pan – and cook over a low heat for about 10 minutes.

Open the cataplana, adjust the seasoning, add the coriander, tellins and clams and cook over a high heat for 2 minutes.