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December 15, 2017
Google trends
Google trends tracks the most common search terms in 2017.

What is happening in the world? Google trends has the answer. Meanwhile Harden’s has come up with a list of the UK’s top 100 restaurants.

Google have released their annual lists of most asked for searches.

As always, Google trends holds up a mirror to both world events and rather more minor obsessions – such as the craze for fidget spinners.

And, as you might expect, names such as Meghan Markle, Harvey Weinstein and Hurricane Irma pop-up alongside sporting events and songs such as Despacito.

Interestingly, in global terms, the number one ‘How to’ search on Google trends, is ‘How to make slime’. Which is perhaps testament to how many young boys have internet access.

Google trends: recipes

The global recipe searches are surprisingly mundane. At the top of the list is chicken breast recipe followed by ground beef recipe.

We can’t smirk. The most popular UK recipe searches on Google trends are just as pedestrian. In first and second position respectively are the well established student favourites chilli con carne and spag bol.

In third place is beef Bourguignon. Although we suspect that that is mainly down to chefs checking how to spell it before writing up their menus.

Remarkably, the humble omelette is among the top ten most frequently requested recipe searches in the UK.

Just as remarkably, ‘smashed’ avocado on toast did not make the top ten.

Harden’s Best UK Restaurants

Sticking with the lists theme, the Harden’s Best UK Restaurants guide was published today.

The 27th annual list was based on a survey of 8,500 diners who contributed 50,000 reviews of their restaurant experiences.

You can see the top 100 restaurants here.

The guide described Edinburgh as ‘still unrivalled outside London’ with 55 listings altogether in the guide and thirteen restaurants among the Top Scorers.

Three are in the Harden’s 100: Restaurant Martin Wishart (at 9), The Kitchin (at 47) and Norn (at 66).

Outside Edinburgh, Scotland’s representatives in the Harden’s 100 were Andrew Fairlie in Auchterarder (at 35), The Three Chimneys in Dunvegan (at 68) and The Peat Inn Cupar (at 94).

The top restaurant in the UK, according to the guide, is The Araki in London’s Mayfair. The sushi specialist seats nine people; was recently awarded its third Michelin star and costs £385 a head.

Glasgow lacks any representatives in the Harden’s 100. However, not surprisingly, the city did put in a strong showing as the fifth equal city outside London in terms of Top Scorers and sixth equal in terms of the total number of entries.