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December 18, 2017
KIN cocktail bar
KIN cocktail bar: whole lotta shaking going on. Pic: Till Britze.

Edinburgh has one of the most vibrant cocktail scenes in the country. Now there is a new addition to the family as KIN opens its doors.

Discreetly tucked away in a basement on the corner of Barony and Broughton Streets, KIN is the first project from Buch + Bax, AKA Jody Buchan and Sam Baxendale.

Both bar tenders have juicy CVs.

Jody began his hospitality career as an ambassador for AquaRiva Tequila and Rock Rose Gin, before developing his bartending skills at West End bar The Voyage of Buck.

During his time behind the bar he has been recognised with a number of awards, including first place at the Diplomatico Scotland competition, and the UK Kraken competition.

Sam has an equally impressive background as an alumni of celebrated cocktail bar Bramble. As head of the bar team at Bramble, he helped the venue achieve world renown. Recently, he has been invited to bartend at White Lyan in London and Süderman in Cologne.

KIN: cosy, candlelit basement bar

The 5pm Dining blog swung by KIN at the weekend and we loved it.

It is a cosy candlelit space and Jody and Sam could not be more welcoming or hospitable.

They are passionate about the drinks they serve. If you want to have an in-depth discussion about the merits of raicilla versus mezcal or the best liqueur to use in an Espresso Martini then join the family at KIN.

The current cocktail list has around a dozen different concoctions. While a few of these will be keepers, the list will develop as Sam and Jody explore other options.

Of course, they will also whip up any classics if you are in need of an Old Fashioned or a Mojito.

Aside from cocktails, guests will be able to choose from a specially selected wine list, rotational craft beer on tap and selected cans.

The bar is downstairs from Seasons restaurant and they serve a range of bar snacks prepped by the chefs upstairs.

We can recommend the hearty Scotch eggs, the posh chicken nuggets and the crisp and crunchy triple-fried chips which come with an unctuous garlic aioli.

KIN is open from 4pm until 1am, Wednesday to Sunday.

At KIN, Sam hand-cuts the ice for their cocktails.