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January 16, 2018
New restaurant openings
New restaurant openings: Cock & Bull Kitchen serves dishes such as cock and waffles. Pic: [Facebook][1].

You want even more new restaurant openings in Glasgow and Edinburgh? We got you.

For the first time ever, the 5pm Dining blog is going to feed you a cock and bull story.

Or, to be more accurate, here is a story about the Cock & Bull Kitchen in Edinburgh.

The venture started off as a pop-up in Bourbon, the basement nightclub on Frederick Street.

It has recently become a permanent fixture.

Cock & Bull Kitchen offers a carefully curated modern take on the American diner.

Themed decor, booth seating and jukebox vibes add to the atmosphere.

While part of the nightclub, Cock & Bull Kitchen is separated from the dance floors and feels like a stand-alone venture.

From Kentucky-style lamb stew to a variety of southern fried chicken burgers, Cock & Bull takes it culinary cues from the southern states of America.

The menu is a meat-lover’s delight with dishes like the ox cheeks in a rich Louisiana-style chilli sauce.

On the other hand, there are plenty of veggie and vegan options such as the no cock and bull vegan stew.

A staff favourite is the cock ‘n’ waffles. Think southern fried chicken breast on a buttered waffle with ‘slaw and a side of bone marrow gravy.

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New restaurant openings in Glasgow

Zipping over the M8, Monty’s on Radnor Street in Finnieston has become 10 10.

Or rather, at the moment, it is becoming 10 10. It closed for a few days at the weekend while the changes took place.

As a result, we are not sure at this stage as to what alterations, if any, are being made to the decor.

However, we can tell you that the menus have switched focus from being mostly Scottish to having more of a North American dude food feel.

As well as an all day brunch menu, 10 10 specialises in burgers with just over twenty varieties available. As if that wasn’t choice enough, they can be customised with a dozen or so sauces and toppings. Most of the burgers are based around a beef patty with plenty of lamb, chicken and veggie options taking the supporting roles.

Along with the burgers, there is a selection of hot dogs and poutine dishes. These mix it up with deli sandwiches such as the Reuben and a classic Caesar salad.

Sides or starters include wings, dippers, jalapeno poppers and assorted fries.

Boozy and non-boozy shakes, 1.5 litre cocktail towers and a selection of wines, beers and frozen cocktails mean no-one will go thirsty at 10 10.

Both the cock & Bull Kitchen and 10 10 will be available to book via 5pm Dining very soon and we’ll link to their profile page as soon as they go live.

New restaurant openings: Etive Restaurant

Looking further afield, way back in November, we told you that the Light of India on Stevenson Street in Oban was in the process of becoming Etive Restaurant.

The new Oban venture has been open a week should you fancy swinging by.

The new venture is driven by John McNulty. Mr McNulty was previously the chef patron of The Taynuilt Etive restaurant, a restaurant with rooms.

We understand that the Taynuilt property will re-open as a guest house (breakfast only, no restaurant) in April of this year.

The 5pm Dining blog wishes all the new businesses a full reservations book.