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January 11, 2018
perfect bacon butty
The perfect bacon butty: white bread & ketchup?

The 5pm Dining blog has mentioned veganism several times of late. So, it seems only fair that we should take a look at something entirely different: the perfect bacon butty.

Never let it be said that we don’t tackle the big, burning issues of the day.

Holiday Inn Express recently commissioned a survey of 2000 adults to discover their inner most thoughts on what makes the perfect bacon butty.

To be honest, the results are not entirely unexpected. The survey’s findings are unlikely to cause nearly as many headlines as the recently published Fire and Fury.

Perfect bacon butty: no alarms, no surprises

So, are you sitting down? Take a deep breath because, apparently, the perfect bacon butty is to be served on white bread with ketchup.

It also found the perfect bacon butty should be made with back bacon, on buttered bread. The ketchup has to be evenly spread.

According to the survey, it is best enjoyed with a cup – surely a mug? – of English breakfast tea on a lazy Saturday morning.

Naturally, the bread should never be toasted.

Mmmmm, bacon

Not surprisingly, the aroma of cooking bacon is very evocative for a lot of people. One in four say it reminds them of home. One in five said the scent takes them back to their childhood.

Two thirds of those surveyed favour a bacon sandwich over other morning meal options.

If eggs are on the menu, 47 per cent of the nation must have bacon with them.

But two per cent opt for avocado alongside their bacon.

Half of Brits even admitted they couldn’t live without bacon. Although just one quarter of men think they could give up bacon compared to one third of women.

Anyway, we’re glad that’s all cleared up for once and for all.

Mind you, ketchup? Really? No brown sauce?