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January 12, 2018
weird food news
Like waffles? Fill your boots at Honu this weekend. Pic: [Facebook][1].

Welcome to the first in an occasional series of blogs where we collate wonderful and weird food news.

We start with the belly-busting story that Partick’s Honu is offering bottomless waffles at the weekend for £10.

Available between 10am and 4pm, customers can chow down on unlimited waffles topped with either fried chicken and maple; berries; crispy bacon pecan; banana and ice cream or smoked salmon with yuzu.

Diners have 90 minutes to do their best but can only have a refill once their plate is clean.

If you are a hardcore waffle-lover, we can see how this might brighten up your January. We can also see it being the undoing of many a New Year resolution.

On the off chance that unlimited waffles don’t float your boat, you can book into Honu via 5pm Dining and take advantage of a 25% discount on their lunch menu.

Weird food news: butcher saved by black pudding

Meanwhile, over on The Scotsman, there is this heart-warming tale of a butcher whose life was saved by a black pudding.

Apparently, Chris McCabe used the frozen blood sausage to escape certain death after he accidentally locked himself in a walk-in freezer.

We liked the way that the article ended with the following plug:

‘Chris sells black pudding from his shop for £7.95 per kg, and described it as the perfect accompaniment for a fried breakfast.’

Great for breakfast and vital should you ever find yourself stuck in a freezer. It’s practically a super food.

Weird food news: blame the Seventies

We’ve also been enjoying this Guardian article by the Angry Chef.

Over the course of some 2000 words, he wittily skewers the latest crop of celebrity diet books. All in order to plug his own tome, obviously.

Finally, the blog was tickled by this Vice article which asks ‘Why was food so weird in the Seventies?’

As a kid, this blogger loved highly processed, Seventies favourites such as Angel Delight and Smash but my cruel parents seldom gave in to me begging them to buy it.

I re-tried Angel Delight a couple of years back. Not nearly as delicious as it had seemed when I was a nipper.