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February 22, 2018
Finsbay Flatiron
Finsbay Flatiron: no need to dawdle over the menu.


You can order anything you want at the new Finsbay Flatiron – as long as it is flat iron steak.

From doughnut diners to burger joints via hot dog huts and pizzeria, there is a lot to be said for single item restaurants.

Specialising in just one dish, it is very convenient for the restaurateur. Ordering is streamlined; staff training simplified and the wastage that can accompany sprawling menus is minimised.

There are also upsides for the customer. If a kitchen specialises in serving just one dish then they should be good at it.

And, in theory anyway, the savings that come from reducing food waste can be passed on in the form of reduced prices for diners.

Replacing WEST on the Corner on Woodlands Road, the Finsbay Flatiron has taken these principles to heart.

Finsbay Flatiron: serves flat iron steaks

A bar and kitchen kind of place, they serve flat iron steaks. These cost a flat £8 from Monday to Thursday and £10 on other days. Their beef is Scottish and sourced from local butchers.

The meat comes carved into slices with a side salad. There are accompaniments which can be bolted on at for £3 or £4 for sides and £1 for sauces.

Sauces include the Béarnaise and the house chipotle funk. The side dishes range from double dip hand-cut chips to mac ‘n’ cheese topped with pancetta.

Feel free to skip the next couple of pars as they slightly spoil the single item thrust of this blog. However, on Sundays the kitchen also prepares a roast.

Last Sunday it was slow-cooked rib eye, with honey-glazed carrots, parsnips, market greens with garlic butter and cauliflower cheese.

As you may have guessed, the Finsbay Flatiron is the sister bar and restaurant to the Finsbay in Bearsden.

A couple of professional rugby players are involved in Finsbay Flatiron so you can always be sure that they will be showing the big games.

And, after last weekend’s victory over France, that is a prospect which is taking on more and more of an attractive glow.

You can book a table at Finsbay Flatiron with 5pm.