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February 6, 2018
sushi master class
There is a sushi master class at Yen Oriental this Friday. Pic: [Yen Facebook][1].

Yen Oriental is holding a sushi master class on Friday.

Many people like to see out the winter by doing something new.

Lots of people join a gym; take up an evening class or try a new hobby.

We prefer to concentrate on essential life skills. Like how to make your own sushi.

If you want to master maki and tame your temaki, you might want to sign up for Friday’s Sake Loves Sushi event.

Starting at 8pm, guests will be served a sake cocktail before learning how to make maki, nigiri, temaki and sushi rolls.

Afterwards, you will get to enjoy your self-made sushi while trying out two kinds of sake with the group.

Tickets are £25 per person with sushi tools, rice, and ingredients all included.

Sushi master class

Apparently, it takes years before Japanese sushi apprentices are trusted to even prepare the rice.

That level of obsession is probably a bit too much for the more casual sushi fan.

The Yen sushi master class may not bring you up to the flawless standards expected by a Japanese sushi master.

However, you should come away with the skills necessary to impress your next set of dinner party guests.

Which, on reflection, is probably more useful.

It also looks a whole lot of fun.

If you prefer to leave it to the experts, Yen serves Japanese, Thai and Cantonese dishes from the first floor of the North Rotunda building on Tunnel Street.

You could order up a 39 piece Osaka sushi platter or order more modestly.

For example, you could book in tomorrow via 5pm Dining and enjoy two courses from the pre-concert menu for £12.

We would kick off with a California roll to start followed by a winter-beating chicken katsu curry.

The restaurant is child-friendly, offers free on-site parking for diners who have travelled by car, and is an easy ten minute stroll from the Exhibition Centre train station.

It’s also dead handy for the Hydro, Science Centre and SEC.