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February 12, 2018
Valentine's Day
Joe & ‘Za pizzeria will be serving pizzas topped with Valentine’s Day messages.

Valentine’s Day is a lovely idea but it does lead to some strange suggestions.

As you might imagine, here at 5pm Dining, we think that dinner in a restaurant is a good idea for St Valentine’s Day.

And, of course, we have a selection of restaurants that you can book for the big night via 5pm.

While a candlelit dinner for two is ideal for romance, this blogger is less convinced that it is the ideal recipe for what the tabloids are obliged to refer to as a night of passion.

One recipe box delivery service has been stuffing our inbox with the results of a survey into what the nation thinks will get their pulses racing this Valentine’s Day.

Apparently, Brits believe that a juicy steak, a full roast dinner and a spicy curry are the top three meals most likely to lead to a night of passion.

Each to their own. However, a belly full of onion bhajis and chicken tikka masala strike us as more conducive to a slightly unsettled night’s sleep than anything else.

And as to the full roast dinner… In what universe is a Yorkshire pudding an aphrodisiac?

Personalised pizza for Valentine’s Day

In London, this Valentine’s Day, the Joe & ‘Za pizzeria will be serving a limited edition range of pizzas topped with a heartfelt message for a loved one.

The pizzas feature one of five romantic messages including ‘Marry Me’ and ‘Be Mine’.

‘I Love You’ can also be ordered along with popular pet names ‘Bae’ and ‘Hun’.

Making a proposal with a ‘Marry Me’ Margherita would certainly make a good story for the wedding day speeches.

However, in the light of recent stories about delivery drivers stalking customers, opening your pizza box to find ‘Be Mine’ written in pepperoni across the top might be more worrying.

While aphrodisiac curries and personalised pizza may induce a giggle, for genuine wackiness we have to examine how the wealthy celebrate St Valentine’s.

Working on the assumption that nothing says ‘I love you’ quite as effectively as a large cheque, Elite Traveler mag have announced their first Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

If you have a few spare mill kicking about, they suggest that you mark St Val’s with a $3,750,000 David Rosenberg diamond ring.

If that is a little too rich, then how about the Hermes Plume Bag? Made entirely from crocodile skin, it is, apparently, one of the rarest and most desirable bags ever made.

And a snip at $125,650. Frankly for that money, I would want an entire wardrobe made out of unicorn pelts.

Say it with a hatchet

Returning to reality, we were tickled by news of a St Valentine’s Day axe-throwing event at the Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh.

Apparently, axe throwing is growing in popularity so the Black Axe Throwing Co. is bringing axe throwing to Edinburgh for Valentine’s Day.

Participants throw small, hatchet-style axes at wooden targets.

Anyone who has been in a relationship which has lasted past the honeymoon stage will probably have felt the urge to hurl something across the room at some point.

Chucking axes around in a controlled environment sounds the perfect way to spend St Valentine’s Day. And possibly vent a few frustrations.

The event runs from 14th February to 18th February. There will be a number of sessions throughout each day.

Tiered ticket packages will include an axe throwing session, specially prepared pizza and a range of cocktails. Tickets start at £20 per person.