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February 2, 2018
Tofu: the vegan Viagra? Pic: [Wiki][1].

Apparently, vegans are more likely to cheat on their partners than meat-eaters.

No wait, come back. It must be true because it says so in this press release from

And before we start, we have no idea why that release should have popped up in our inbox.

Anyway, as the name strongly suggests, is a website for people who want to meet someone who isn’t their partner.

Or, as they put it, it is the ‘UK’s leading dating website for married people’.

They surveyed 1,000 of their veggie/vegan members and 1,000 of their meat-eating members.

The results threw up some significant differences. All of which we are taking with a large pinch of salt.

If the survey’s results are to be trusted (unlike most of the site’s members) then vegans and veggies engage in an average of four affairs a year.

Vegans: no regrets

By comparison, meat eaters have just three affairs per year.

The affairs conducted by veggies and vegans last, on average, five months each whereas those conducted by meat-eaters peter out after a couple of months.

Perhaps most interesting was the finding that while 55% of veggie/vegan cheaters showed remorse or felt guilty for their actions, a rather more chunky 87% of meat-eaters had those feelings.

The site’s spokesperson, Christian Grant, explains why this may be:

‘The majority of vegetarians and vegans choose not to eat for their love of animals, and less so because of their objection to the taste of meat itself. By refusing themselves a pleasure that, arguably, is a natural human desire, they not only attain a higher level of moral superiority, they’re less likely to allow restrictions in other aspects of their lives.

‘Their pent up tensions can’t be contained forever, and there’s only so many restrictions anyone is willing to place upon themselves. Evidently, a monogamous relationship isn’t one of them.’

We are fairly sure that many vegans and veggies would take issue with Mr Grant’s theories but it made us smile on a cold winter morning.

Who knew that tofu could unleash such torrid passion or that soy could be so saucy?