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March 22, 2018

burgers in Glasgow Looking for burgers in Glasgow? Burger & Bun in Bearsden will sort you out. Pic: Facebook.

Less than a week after we posted a blog about the ongoing popularity of burgers in Glasgow, we have news of another burger-related opening.

Today is the launch day of Burger & Bun at 149 Milngavie Road in Bearsden.

Formerly The Library, the old venture closed the doors a few days ago. The premises will re-open today with a £1 burger offer. The offer is also available tomorrow with normal prices starting on Saturday.

According to their Facebook page, Burger & Bun will bring 'fresh, handcrafted fast food to the people of Bearsden'. The owners promise 'locally sourced ingredients' and 'authentic, high quality dishes at purse-friendly prices'.

More than a dozen burgers

The menu has five variations on a beef burger; four buttermilk chicken burgers; two veggie versions; a haddock burger called Wanda (geddit!?!?!) and a pulled pork burger.

Of course, they can all be customised several ways and are supplemented by specials.

If burgers don't do it for you, baby back ribs, chilli and Philly cheese steaks all offer an alternative.

Another option would be one of the three jumbo frankfurters. Or Deputy Dogs as the menu labels them.

As you might imagine, it is frowned upon these days to have a menu that features burgers, dogs and ribs without also serving chicken wings.

At Burger & Bun, they are available with classic BBQ, flaming hot or cool blue sauces.

Several different fries orders, poutines and sides such as onion rings or mac 'n' cheese with pulled pork pretty much complete the savoury pictures.

If you have a sweet tooth - and any remaining stomach capacity - then there are both desserts and sundaes to tackle.

Beers, wines, cocktails, softies and hot drinks vie for attention with both shakes and hard shakes.

Burgers in Glasgow

As we have mentioned several times, Burger & Bun is not alone is certainly not alone in thinking that there is plenty of appetite for burgers in Glasgow.

Admittedly, the last few months have seen lots of bleak headlines for some of the larger gourmet burger chains.

And there is no denying that the extremely frothy burger bubble which formed four or so years ago, especially in the city centre, has burst.

However, there is never any shortage of places offering burgers in Glasgow and the demand for them shows little sign of tailing off.

Especially in the 'burbs.

The 5pm Dining blog wishes Burger & Bun every success.