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March 13, 2018

new restaurant and bar openings New restaurant and bar openings: Ransacked Black Oven is bringing a taste of Persia to Edinburgh's Potterrow. Pic: Facebook.

On the hunt for new restaurant and bar openings in Glasgow and Edinburgh? Look out for the April re-opening of Glasgow's Church on the Hill and Edinburgh's just launched Ransacked Black Oven.

Naming your business is not straightforward. Especially in the catering trade.

Unless you are a big name chef, you probably want the moniker of your new restaurant and bar to give an idea of what customers can expect to find on the menu.

But what if your new restaurant and bar sells generic - and popular - dishes such as burgers, pizza or hot dogs? That makes it harder to stand out.

New restaurant and bar: Ransacked Black Oven

One new Edinburgh business has come up with its own solution by using a name so curious that it is bound to stick in the mind.

Just opened on Marshall Street, in the former Wildman Wood premises by Potterrow, Ransacked Black Oven sells Persian-inspired street food.

Or, as their Facebook page has it, they serve 'freshly baked, wood-fired, Persian inspired street food'.

Think 'sourdough flat breads, marinated meats, falafel, salads, pesto, oils and dips' served from a wood-burning black oven.

And there are dishes to suit all preferences from carnivores, vegans and veggies to people who want gluten-free friendly options.

If you fancy a Persian-spiced goat roti or a loaded salad with halloumi saganaki, you know where to go.

New restaurant and bar: Church on the Hill

Gazing into our crystal ball, the one that deals with new restaurant and bar openings in Glasgow, we hear that Church on the Hill is to have a new lease of life courtesy of Signature Pubs.

The company, which runs The Raven, Smokin’ Fox and The Spiritualist in Glasgow, have acquired the Southside premises and are planning to relaunch in April.

The team behind the project have spent £650,000 on an extensive refurbishment.

The chefs behind The Raven and Smokin’ Fox have created a menu that includes dishes such as the spice-rubbed lamb shoulder and the beer-glazed whole roast cauliflower.

Pimp that Prosecco

The team at The Spiritualist have collaborated with the Church on the Hill to inject a creative twist into the drinks menu. Themes to look out for include classic cocktails and local craft beers plus the rather more colourful Pimp my Prosecco.

Alongside a children’s menu and children’s activity area, the attractions will include a doggy Wall of Fame.


As ever, keep checking back to the 5pm Dining blog for all the new restaurant and bar openings in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Church on the Hill aims to re-launch in April.