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March 6, 2018

new restaurants in Glasgow Bibimbap is one of the latest new restaurants in Glasgow. Pic: Facebook.

Check out these new restaurants in Glasgow.

This blogger has been out of town for a couple of weeks so I'm playing catch-up.

Here are a couple of new restaurants in Glasgow which launched round about the same time that the Beast from the East blew into town.

And if they can survive that, they can surely survive anything.

Open ten days or so, Phillies of Shawland is a new, independent, neighbourhood bar.

It is billed as championing the local community and is passionate about 'paying a real Living Wage and playing vinyl records'.

All of which we heartily applaud.

Pint of Techno Sex?

As well as sourdough pizza, they have a flexible range of eclectic plates which range from starter portions to light meals and full dishes.

Among the eye-catching choices are braised octopus with fennel and blood orange plus hay-smoked chicken.

More familiar dishes might be the double cheeseburger with pickles and fries or the fried chicken with hot sauce.

There are plenty of vegan and veggie dishes like the beetroot and lentil dahl or the fresh herb gnocchi.

As well as three permanent 'guest' taps dedicated to Scottish beers, there is also a tap which is specially reserved for independent Glasgow Brewers.

The first up is the winningly named Das Ist Techno Sex from Up Front Brewing.

Apparently, it is a passionfruit and key lime Gose with pink Himalayan salt and Indian coriander seeds.

If Techno Sex doesn't whet your appetite, then the vinyl selection might just do it.

Leadbelly, Whitney and Paul Simon albums are all in the crate.

Phillies is run by the same people as Redmond's of Dennistoun.

New restaurant in Glasgow: Bibimbap

Also launching into the teeth of the Beast, Bibimbap is another new restaurant in Glasgow.

On West Nile Street, Bibimbap (pronounced Beeb-in-bap), is a new Korean place.

By day, they serve up Korean classics from yum yum fried chicken to traditional noodle dishes and of course, the coveted bibimbap rice bowls.

At night, the sakes and quirky cocktails come out to play.