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March 21, 2018
Six by Nico in Edinburgh will launch with Chef Simeone’s quirky take on the traditional chippie menu.

Back in February we shared the news about Chef Nico Simeone announcing plans to bring his Six by Nico concept from Finnieston to Edinburgh's Hanover Street.

Six by Nico: Six course tasting menu

As you may recall, the original Six by Nico launched in 2017 in Glasgow's hippest district.

The concept was to serve a six course tasting menu which changes every six weeks.

Each menu is themed. Previous examples have included childhood and Route 66.

The current Glasgow menu focuses on New York City classics such as bagels, eggs Benedict and Reuben sandwiches.

Of course, these are not your box standard bagels and eggs Benedict. For example, the eggs Benedict is made with a slow cooked egg and a miso and brown butter Hollandaise.

The Reuben features brisket cooked for 24 hours and a smoked barley risotto.

Reinventing the smoked sausage

The Edinburgh branch of Six by Nico will launch on Friday 30th March with a menu inspired by the traditional Scottish chippie.

It is a theme which has already gone down a storm in the Glasgow branch.

Diners can look forward to classic chippie dishes such as chips and cheese; smoked sausage and scampi.

Naturally, there won't be any Cheddar grated over your chips and cheese. We're talking crisp potato with a Parmesan espuma and curry oil.

The scampi is Scrabster monkfish cheek with pea ketchup, herb pesto and bergamot.

As you may have realised by now, the smoked sausage will definitely not be a tube of extruded pink meat with a curiously compelling sponge texture.

Instead, guests will be treated to Ayrshire pork with salt-baked celeriac and caramelised apple.

Bookings are open now with the six course tasting menu priced at £28. Paired wines can be added for £25. There is also a vegetarian menu and a snack menu offering appetisers such as fish fingers - salt cod brandade with marinated olives and Chef Simeone's take on chippie sauce.

The Scots Italian chef also operates 111 by Nico on Cleveden Road in Glasgow’s Kelvinside.

You can book in via 5pm Dining.