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March 9, 2018

The Fishmarket Views of Newhaven harbour will be part of the appeal of The Fishmarket.

The Fishmarket, Edinburgh's latest seafood restaurant, plans to open in April at Newhaven Pier.

As reported in previous blogs, the team behind the new venture are Gary Welch and Roy Brett. The former is owner of Welch Fishmongers. The latter is the Chef Patron of Ondine.

The Newhaven unit has been a thriving fish market from as far back as 1896. In those days, fishwives swarmed to the pier to buy fresh fish to sell.

More recently, the area which will be the restaurant has been used as a fish filleting space for Welch Fishmongers.

The plan is to revive part of the old fish market and ensure that fresh fish and seafood are firmly at the heart of Newhaven.

Having built up a strong supplier-chef relationship over the past fifteen years, Messrs Welch and Brett decided to team up and create The Fishmarket.

The Fishmarket: ultimate seafood experience

With Gary's ability to source great seafood and the chef's skill at cooking it, the idea is that The Fishmarket will be 'the ultimate seafood dining experience'.

Handily, it will also be far enough away from Ondine, Roy Brett's George IV Bridge restaurant, to avoid poaching any of its customers.

Ondine caters more towards the upper end of the market. To be honest, it is not easy for a seafood restaurant to be anything but.

What level The Fishmarket will pitch at remains to be seen as the menu for The Fishmarket has yet to be confirmed.

However, the Welch Brett collaboration promises that customers can expect the very best traditional fish supper. Or indeed, a dozen oysters served at the Champagne bar.

Roy Brett, The Fishmarket Co-Director, said:

'I couldn’t be happier to announce the launch of The Fishmarket. It’s been a real labour of love, taking years in the planning, but the doors are finally almost open.

'With Gary Welch on board as a partner, and Ondine Head Chef, Ishu Mehrotra taking the helm in the kitchen, this is going to be a seafood dining experience to rival all others. And let’s not forget that view. If you’re going to enjoy proper good seafood, where better than with an unspoilt view of the sea?

Fresh Scottish seafood

Gary Welch, The Fishmarket Co-Director, said:

'We’ve been selling the freshest fish and seafood, all from Scottish waters, since my dad started the business in 1959.

‘I’ve been involved in it since I can remember. We’ve become a bit of an institution in Edinburgh. And that’s all thanks to our loyal customers.

'Having supplied to Roy for many years, it was a natural partnership to bring the best of Scottish fish and seafood together with one of the best seafood chefs in the country. Newhaven and the locals have given Welch’s so much over the years. I’m thrilled to be able to give back a little, and to revive the old fish market to its former glory.'