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April 2, 2018

Scotch eggs are Scottish? Right? And vindaloo is Indian? Doughnuts? Definitely American? No, no and no, according to food origins research from the adventure travel company Explore.

They produced the above infographic which traces the origins of some well known foods.

Some are more surprising than others.

I thought everyone knew that chillies and tomatoes started off in South America and that coffee's origins lay in Africa.

Weird food origins

I had also read that Fortnum and Mason claimed to have invented Scotch eggs. But I didn't know that they were in fact based on a Mughal dish.

The idea that the food origins of cheesecake lies in the Greek Olympics was a new one to me.

And who knew that it was the Greeks that invented the doughnut?

Of course, lots of dishes which we think of as representative of one country often have roots in another.

Haggis may be an iconic Scottish dish but everyone from the Romans to the Vikings can lay claim to very similar dishes of chopped offal.

Is pizza Italian?

The Italians, and especially the Neapolitans, consider pizza to be their own invention.

The Turks and several Middle Eastern countries have very different ideas. They would happily point out that they and their ancestors were baking toppings onto flat breads long before the Italian city states had begun to form.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. Once we've digested our Easter eggs. Now how did they come about?