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May 25, 2018

Glasgow food news Glasgow food news: Dai Pai is setting up its stall on Byres Road. Pic: Facebook.

Here is all the Edinburgh and Glasgow food news for your Bank Holiday weekend.

Having Welsh roots, your blogger was excited to see that Dai Pai on Byres Road seemed to be nearing launch.

Initially, we had misheard the name and thought that a new pastry-based restaurant was to open under the auspices of Dai the Pie.

However, we will happily settle for the Asian street food menu offered by Dai Pai.

Apparently, the menu is inspired by the 'fast-paced dai pai dongs' of Hong Kong. Which, as we all know, are street food stalls.

There are already branches of Dai Pai up and running in Dundee and Edinburgh.

Assuming that the menu in the new Glasgow branch will be similar, visitors can look forward to sushi burritos, gyoza, stuffed hirata buns and a selection of rice and noodle dishes.

Of course, Dai Pai will also serve several sushi variations.

Glasgow food news: Kilmurry & Co menu revealed

Next up in Glasgow food news, you may recall that, a few days back, we drew readers' attention to the imminent opening of Kilmurry & Co on Kilmarnock Road.

We still don't have a definitive opening date for the all-day operation but they have released their menu.

It is an interesting mix of much-loved classics along with plenty of more exotic options.

You can have eggs nine different ways - including chopped in a cup! - as well as meatball subs and Cullen skink.

Other parts of the menu go a bit more off piste. For example, the raw bar and seafood has options such as monkfish sashimi, sea bass ceviche and grilled octopus.

This being 2018, there are a number of options for vegans to enjoy. These include a vegan mac 'n' cheese; a vegan fish 'n' chips and even a vegan steak.

Edinburgh food news

At the other side of the M8, we understand that the opening date for Fhior restaurant has been brought forward.

Glasgow food news Fancy a taste of a Pirate's Life? Pic: Foodographers.

Chef Scott Smith, formerly of Norn, will launch his new Broughton Street venture on Friday 1st June.

And now for something completely different.

Many of us get to the end of a Bank Holiday weekend having done things which we wish we could forget.

If you head to Nightcap bar on York Place then you might just end up with a permanent reminder of your weekend.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum has teamed up with the bar to offer four lucky winners a bottle of Sailor Jerry and £100 towards a tattoo at the Den of Iniquity  parlour around the corner on Broughton Street.

To be in with a chance of winning you need to order a Pirate's Life cocktail before 31st July.

The cocktail blends Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, sweet pineapple syrup, a kick of balsamic vinegar and salted lemon.

Apparently, Pirate's Life is served in a veil of coconut smoke. As the mist clears, it reveals a  gnarled Gothic chalice and a small jar encasing a bone. If the bone is gold, the bounty is yours.

Good luck and keep checking back for all the tastiest Edinburgh and Glasgow food news.