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May 9, 2018

New restaurants in Glasgow Stone-baked pizza and live music are among the attractions at the recently opened T-Bar in Ayr. Pic: Facebook.

New restaurants in Glasgow? We got 'em.

As mentioned in an April round-up of new restaurants in Glasgow, te Seba has replaced Turnip and Enjoy on Great Western Road.

Restaurants that concentrate on just one or two dishes, be it burgers, pizza or hot dogs, have become popular again over the last few years.

At te Seba, the focus is on a small range of pasta dishes washed down with Prosecco and fizz-based cocktails.

Turnip closed after Hogmanay but the new venture launches today with the same family running the place.

While Turnip offered inventive menus that often featured quite exotic ingredients, te Seba's menu simplifies everything.

New restaurants in Glasgow: pasta and Prosecco

New restaurants in Glasgow Pasta and Prosecco rule the roost at te Seba. Pic: Facebook.

As well as meat, veggie or vegan antipasti platters, they offer four different types of pasta. Lasagne, fettuccine and pappardelle are all pretty well known.

The 5pm Dining blog was delighted to learn from te Seba's menu that the Italian for mac 'n' cheese is cacio mac.

A simple plate of bacon, egg and Parmesan fettuccine will set you back £8.50 while a classic beef ragu lasagne is £9.50.

About half of the menu is veggie or vegan.

There are three sorts of fizz - Prosecco and Spumante - available by the glass along with five different Bellinis, including an exotic lychee variation.

If you have a sweet tooth, there are three different desserts to choose between: tiramisu, ice cream and the cake of the day.

The new venture is open from noon to 10pm, Tuesday to Sunday. They don't take bookings.

T-Bar hits the right note in Ayr

Our next item is not exactly a new restaurant in Glasgow. But it's not a million miles away either.

Moving down the coast to Ayr, the ever busy Buzzworks people recently launched T-Bar.

Billed as the 'cool wee sister to the Tree House', T-Bar is a bar and music venue.

Stone-baked pizza, beers and a 'crazy but crafted' cocktail selection are all offered.

Interestingly, regular live music will be a major draw at T-Bar.

Many of the acts will be local but there will also be the occasional performer with a higher profile.

Look out for Mark Morriss of The Bluetones on Thursday 31st May.

Later in the summer, Buzzworks will open their first East Coast venture: Scotts at South Queensferry.

Keep checking back for new restaurants in Glasgow.