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August 6, 2018

Glengoyne offers an oasis of calm from Edinburgh High Street thanks to their Inefficient Tradition Fringe show.

Edinburgh Fringe got underway last week and the Royal Mile, High Street and surrounding areas have become a seething mass of thesps armed with flyers; fire-breathing street entertainers and, if my eyes didn't deceive me, two dancing T-Rexes.

This blogger willingly embraces the annual madness but understands the occasional need to find a little tranquility. A place where the pace of life is a little slower.

If that appeals, you may want to book into Unhurried - Glengoyne's Inefficient Tradition, the whisky company's debut Fringe show. It is a paired tasting combined with an interactive exploration of the Highland whisky distillery.

Taking place on selected dates from 3-26 August at Cannonball Restaurant & Bar on Castlehill, the show/tasting is hosted by the Fringe veteran, ex-BBC broadcaster and comedy writer, Gordon Dallas.

Mr Dallas is an engaging figure whether he is talking guests through the three whiskies tasted or dressing up as Cochrane Cartwright, a Victorian distillery manager who came to an unfortunate end.

Glengoyne's slow-running stills make it unique

The show itself is a mix of acting and projection mapping technology which immerses guests in both Glengoyne and, to a lesser degree, the history of the venue's Castlehill location.

Following the whisky industry's illicit beginnings to its status today as a valuable Scottish icon, the show explains the history of distilling in Scotland through the specific story of Glengoyne.

From the legal definition of whisky to the difference between single malt and blended whiskies, all the basics are covered over the 50 minute duration of the performance.

It is done with light-hearted humour. And, while the content repeats the message that the distillery's slow-running stills impart their whisky with a uniquely fruity character, it is delivered gently. It feels like a show and not an ad campaign.

Paired with three canapés from the Cannonball kitchen, the tasting comprises a Glengoyne ten year-old; an eighteen year-old and a cask strength dram.

Many a Fringe show could be improved were they to follow the brand's lead and offer their audience a similar refreshment.

If you are planning a day on the Fringe then Unhurried – Glengoyne’s Inefficient Tradition provides a welcome change of pace. The relaxed, entertaining format also marks a welcome change from the traditional order of tutored whisky tastings.

It takes place in The Glengoyne Room within Cannonball Restaurant & Bar. Tickets cost £20 per person.

Naturally, the Cannonball team will happily book you in for a bite if the whisky and canapés have whet your appetite.