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September 12, 2018
Eastside has replaced Opal Lounge Pic: Facebook

Never mind Westside Story. It’s all about Eastside on Edinburgh’s George Street.

It lasted almost twenty years but the Opal Lounge club on George Street has finally called it a night.

In its place is Eastside, a late night bar with pool tables and street food.

This blogger’s clubbing years are long gone. We can no longer bust a move without straining a muscle.

Edinburgh’s hottest DJs are a complete mystery. In fact, we would struggle to name three current DJs.

If we ever did show up at a nightclub. the first thing the bouncers would ask is ‘Are you here to take your daughter home?’

Eastside: dancing, drinking and eating under one roof

That said, we do know that Opal Lounge long had a rep for being pretty posh.

Not really exclusive but it seemed to be the preferred hangout for the sort of New Town student that always wore loafers; had an upturned shirt collar and didn’t blink at buying a bottle of Champagne. At one point, it had a Dom Perignon VIP lounge.

Famously, Prince William and the Crown Prince of Morocco are said to have partayed there.

While Eastside will still host DJs every night, the emphasis has definitely switched from club to late night bar.

A spokesperson for the bar told The Evening News that, ‘People have fallen out of love with the traditional bar scene and the rise in popularity for hybrid, social spaces that allow dancing, drinking, eating and conversation to happen under the one roof is what our target demographic are looking for’.

Open until 3am seven nights

The owners are billing it as ‘George Street but not as you know it’. It still stays open until 3am seven nights a week but it also aims to entice in local workers who fancy a sharpener at 5pm.

The VIP room has gone and new attractions include a drinks vending machine , craft beers, cocktails and a selection of global street food.

Chef and sometimes Spice Man Tony Singh appears to have had a hand in the menus. As well as a daal curry, there is a chicken curry, Korean bulgogi dishes, bao buns and steamed dumplings.

We look forward to dropping in to Eastside although we suspect that we’re more likely to be there after work than after midnight.