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September 21, 2018

Four in five of the people surveyed admit to devouring their lunches al-desko, with one in five doing this every day.

As you might expect, here at 5pm Dining we disagree with the idea of bolting down your lunch in front of the computer before placing your nose firmly back on the grindstone for the afternoon.

Lunch is there to be enjoyed and we can help you make the most of it.

Happily, you can browse hundreds of restaurant offers via 5pm Dining. They would all be delighted to see you walk through the doors at lunch.

The alternative is too grim to contemplate.

The New York Bakery Co. commissioned the survey looking into the lunch habits of 1500 Brits.

According to the data, we are stuck in a lunch rut, with one in three facing ‘déjà-food’ by sitting down to exactly the same lunch every day.

8 out of 10 bored by lunch choices

Not surprisingly, nearly eight in 10 (78 percent) are bored by their lunch choices. 78 percent of us eat lunch purely to keep our energy levels up for the day ahead.

Only one in five (22 percent) eat lunch purely for pleasure and taste!

The majority of Brits – 77 percent – bring their lunches with them from home, while frugal Londoners are the most likely to enjoy last night’s leftovers.

Despite this, according to the survey, we are still forking out a whopping £6.08 on average each day on lunch. Those in London confessed to spending an eye-watering £15.51, however, those in Bristol spend just a fraction of that, at £3.66.

Of course, there are huge regional differences in what we like to lunch on.

People from Plymouth are the most likely to grab a Cornish pasty for lunch. Proof that regional favourites still do exist.

Liverpudlians confessed to tucking into a bowl of pasta when the clock strikes twelve, whereas residents of Glasgow prefer to sink their teeth into a microwave meal.

Who ate all the pies? Leeds did

As to the perennial question of who ate all the pies? It’s the people of Leeds. As it turns out, Leicester is the bagel capital of the UK while Macs prefer the humble jacket potato.

Apparently, sushi is Edinburgh's go-to lunch with residents eating it three times a month.

Now, we're not advocating that eating out every lunchtime is viable for most us. However, taking a break from desk-bound dining and enjoying lunch with a friend sounds very attractive.

Especially on a Friday when the temptation to not go back to the office might just prove overwhelming...