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September 17, 2018
New Glasgow restaurants: Stack & Still is taking shape on West George Street. Pic: Facebook

First up, look out for a new venture from the Rusks, the husband and wife team behind Hutchesons, The Spanish Butcher and The Butchershop Bar and Grill.

Social media sites have sprung up with the message 'Live life to a Pacific beat'.

The sites all bear the legend SoSoon but we don't know if this refers to the name or the timescale to launch.

The 5pm Dining blog bumped into the Rusks a couple of months back and there was mention of a sort of surf/LA/Hawaii/tiki restaurant and bar.

Of course, all may have changed since then. More news as we get it.

New Glasgow restaurants: Stack & Still

If you like pancakes, you will love Stack & Still.

Scheduled to open on West George Street in October, it promises to be 'the UK’s largest urban pancake house with Glasgow’s first EVER self-dispense bar!'

Apparently, the pancake menu will offer over 10 million possible combos. There will be buttermilk, buckwheat, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, sugar-free and protein selections.

The owners have crunched the numbers and you could visit every day for 35 thousand years and still never have the same plate of pancakes twice.

I like pancakes as much as the next fatboy but the thought of eating them every day for 35 thousand years isn't whetting my appetite.

However, the self-dispense bar would help while away a few millennia. Diners can look forward to a selection of selection beers, ales, ciders and Prosecco plus a Grapefruit Gin Collins cocktail on tap.

The team behind Stack & Still includes Paul Reynolds whose other projects include Gin71 in the Merchant City and Cup Tea Lounge on Renfield Street.

Fancy a Fore Play session?

Last but not least, there is a new adult crazy golf bar opening in Kinning Park on Saturday.

Naturally, it is called Fore Play Crazy Golf.

Visitors can expect a rotating roster of street food, a bar and nine holes of crazeeeee golf.

This one has 'Christmas party nights' written all over it.