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October 22, 2018

Looking for openings? We got 'em. Along with less happy news.

Let's get Monday underway with a good news story.

The Wild Yarrow Bistro and Bar is taking shape on South Bridge in the premises which formerly housed The Whistle Stop Barber Shop.

Currently advertising for kitchen staff, the new venture appears to be aiming to open in around a fortnight.

More details as we get them.

Cocktails and craft beer at The Inverleith

The Inverleith is attracting a wider clientele.

The Inverleith is attracting a wider clientele. Pic: The Inverleith Facebook.

Moving away from the city centre, the old Spiers Bar on Bowhill Terrace has regenerated as The Inverleith (main pic).

In its former incarnation, it was a community bar. The new venture is much more contemporary with bright soft furnishings, an improved spirits offer, cocktails and a wide range of craft beer.

As part of the range of measures designed to widen the clientele, The Inverleith has also introduced a food menu. Last weekend, they launched their brunch offer.

Waffles and maple syrup may not seem revolutionary but it would have been hard to imagine them fitting in with the vibe at the former Spiers Bar.

The Inverleith is now run by the Landmark Pub Company which, thanks to their other outlets such as Jeremiah's Taproom and The Empress, has long experience of giving venerable old bars a new lease of life.

It's a dog's life

Moving back into the city centre, there is a new beginning taking shape at The Dogs on Hanover Street.

Long term operator David Ramsden has sold the business to brothers Finbarr and Daniel McNally. The duo promise a facelift for the premises.

Mr Ramsden still operates The Fat Pony Wine Bar on Bread Street. We blogged about the bar and its owner last year.

Speaking personally, this blogger was saddened to learn that David had sold The Dogs.

He has been a colourful and engaging figure on the Edinburgh restaurant scene for the last 40 years and, despite inevitable missteps, he has surfed the vagaries of the capital's culinary fashions with a certain élan.

It is people like David Ramsden and independent restaurants like The Dogs that make Edinburgh's dining scene unique.

Things change but it would be a real loss if the proliferation of large chain restaurants smothered that individuality.

Indian seafood in Tollcross

Konkana in Tollcross specialises in Indian seafood dishes.

Konkana in Tollcross specialises in Indian seafood dishes. Pic: Konkana Facebook.

With that in mind, we will mention Konkana on Leven Street in Tollcross.

We somehow missed its launch earlier this year but were intrigued to see it is offering a menu of Indian seafood specialities.

It is a sister restaurant to the long running and much loved Kalpna, an Indian restaurant that was proudly vegetarian and vegan long before such concepts were polite to mention, never mind fashionable.