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October 10, 2018

The journal BMC Public Health recently released the results of a survey involving 10,000 young people.

Widely reported in today's media, the report revealed that almost a third of under-25s call themselves non-drinkers and abstain from alcohol.

This is a large increase from earlier years. In 2005, 9% of this age group identified as lifetime abstainers. By 2015, it had risen to 17%.

For some of us who came of age in the rather more liquid Eighties and Nineties, these figures are something of an eye-opener.

While respecting everyone's right to make up their own mind with regards to drinking, the trend towards teetotalism has made this scribbler rather thirsty.

Which brings us to the welcome news that the Lidl House of Hortus, a pop-up gin club, will be coming to Edinburgh in November.

Having launched in London's Soho, the pop-up will take up residence on Edinburgh's Castle Street on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th November.

Visitors will be able to stroll through a sensory Botanical Garden, a Pink Gin Liqueur Lounge and a Spirits in the Sky bar.

Sensory Botanical Garden

Guests will begin their experience in the Pink Gin Liqueur Lounge, where Hortus Gin Liqueurs including Raspberry, Rhubarb & Ginger and Rose & Pomegranate will be available to sample.

As they move through the experience, visitors will be immersed in a sensory Botanical Garden where they will learn about gin pairings while enjoying a free-pour serve from the signature range including Hortus Artisan Dry Gin; Oriental Spiced Gin; or Citrus Garden Gin.

Finally, attendees will be able to head to the Spirits in the Sky bar – featuring a central circular bar and a starry night sky - to enjoy a drink from Lidl’s broader range and get into the festive spirit.

The Lidl House of Hortus tour is a free, ticketed event.

Attendees must have booked their slot and registered via EventBrite in order to gain admission.

Cocktail masterclasses at the Printing Press Bar & Kitchen

A hop, skip and a jump away, at the Printing Press Bar & Kitchen on George Street, the bar staff are preparing to share their secrets with their cocktail masterclasses.

Guests will be invited to step behind the bar to shake up a favourite cocktail with friends; compare creations with colleagues or take a whistle stop tour through the history of gin or whisky at a mini masterclass.

If alcohol is off the menu, there are other compelling reasons to drop by the Printing Press Bar & Kitchen.

Autumn menu launches

The chefs have just unveiled their autumn menu. We will be covering it in more depth later this month. However, right now, we will mention starters such as the hand-dived Orkney scallops served with orange-braised endive plus squid ink sauce and the smoked Peterhead haddock fishcake.

Main courses celebrate the riches of the farm, land and sea, from seaweed-grilled Scrabster cod, Shetland mussel and clam gratin with sea herbs (pictured) to Huntingdon Farm Barnsley lamb chop served with lamb faggot, dauphinoise and spinach.

Of course, you can book into the Printing Press Bar & Kitchen via 5pm Dining.

Scrabster cod, Shetland mussel and clam gratin from the new autumn menu at the Printing Press Bar and Kitchen.

Scrabster cod, Shetland mussel and clam gratin from the new autumn menu at the Printing Press Bar and Kitchen.