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October 11, 2018

We kick off with news that the top notch Japanese noodle joint Ramen Dayo has expanded from its Queen Street HQ and opened a new branch in the West End (pictured).

If you rejoice at the thought of a large bowl of steaming ramen then you can get slurping on Ashton Lane.

Staying in roughly the same 'hood, Roosevelt's bar and kitchen will officially launch in Glasgow's West End on Friday 18th October.

Over the years, the Park Road site has been various businesses including TriBeCa and Richmond's.

Roosevelt's: West End hangout

The new venture is serving up 'Scottish beef burgers, steaks, sustainable seafood, local produce, vegan + veggie love, all day brunch favourites, lunch + dinner along with cocktails, coffees and plenty of other drinks to quench your thirst'.

In terms of the 5pm Dining blog, thirst-quenching usually involves alcohol. However, as noted in yesterday's blog, more and more people are turning their backs on the bottle.

No booze? No worries!

Interesting drinks with no alcohol will feature prominently at Club Soda's festival of Mindful Drinking. Pic: Club Soda Facebook.

Interesting drinks with no alcohol will feature prominently at Club Soda's festival of Mindful Drinking. Pic: Club Soda Facebook.

Anyone seeking interesting alternatives to the booze might want to head along to the Briggait on Bridgegate on Saturday.

From noon to 6pm, Club Soda will be hosting a Mindful Drinking Festival.

The idea is to create an environment where nobody has to feel out of place if they are not drinking alcohol.

One of Club Soda's projects is an eight week online course designed to help people achieve their drinking goals. Those goals might be cutting down, taking a break or quitting alcohol for good.

Discovering interesting and fun alternatives to alcohol will play a large part in Saturday's events.

Exhibitors/vendors include Heineken 0.0; Ceder's - a South African alt-gin; Summerhouse Drinks, Clever Kombucha and Chastity - billed as the world's first 'no sin gin'.

The Liquid Academy team will be hosting cocktail making competitions. Watch professionals from Gin71, Lisini Pub Company, Grand Central Hotel & Five March battle it out in the Mindful Mixologist Grand Slam.

Entry is free and there will be live entertainment and food stalls.

New venture at Edenmill Farm

Finally, Edenmill Farm by Blanefield (no relation to the gin company in Fife) is re-opening its farm shop and cafe in November/December.

The café has been closed since the start of 2018 and is currently undergoing a refurbishment prior to re-launching at the end of November.

They have recently been advertising for a new lead chef should you be in the market for such a position.