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October 4, 2018

Isola Sarda in Trongate is not like most Italian restaurants.Yes, you can get all the classic favourites like tiramisu, penne arrabiata and pizzas, but the restaurant's main focus is lesser known cuisine from the island of Sardinia. The menu is peppered with imported Sardinian produce like pasta, cheese, meat and chocolate, along with speciality dishes like culurgiones, a stuffed pasta, and seadas, a fried Sardinian pastry dessert. Who knew Sardinian food was so delicious? 

Here's what we dined on when we visited:

Keen to explore all the Sardinia options on the menu, we started with some Sardinian beer called Ichnusa. It was yummy; light and refreshing. One to impress your beer snob friends with.

Then the waiter brought out some Sardinian bread which was crispy - almost like a popadom! 

Then we moved on to starters. I opted for more of a traditional Italian starter with the mozzarella and tomato salad (the mozzarella was so creamy, and clearly of the highest quality) while my dining companion went for the board of Sardinian cured meets and cheese which he said was excellent.

For main courses we both plumped for a traditional Sardinian dish. I chose culurgiones which are authentic Sardinian pasta filled with potatoes and cheese with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese on top. They were so morish; kind of like a cross between a tortellini and a dumpling.

My companion picked fregola vongole e bottarga: typical Sardinian small pasta with fresh clams and bottarga. This also got a firm thumbs up.

Now it was time for desserts. My dining companion opted for the seadas which is a fried Sardinian pastry filled with cheese topped with honey. I managed to snag a bit and it was every bit as delicious as it sounds.

While I went for the Italian dessert I can never look past when I see it on a menu: tiramisu.

Book the following offers at Isola Sarda on 5pm Dining.

£9.95 for 2 courses on the lunch menu

£14.95 for 2 courses on pre-theatre menu + glass of wine

25% a la carte discount