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November 22, 2018

As we noted last month, the C&C Group have invested a reported £1 million to create The Tennent’s Story, the UK's biggest beer attraction at Duke Street in Glasgow's East End.

Extending and building upon the existing centre, the three storey facility tells the story of Scotland's oldest brewery from the 16th century to the present day.

It is quite some tale with Tennent's cropping up at several notable points in the city's past.

Glasgow city records note that in 1745, after suffering military defeat in England, Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army stopped at the Wellpark Brewery, where every man was 'refreshed and heartened' by the Tennent’s brew.

The Jacobite Prince was not the only fan in times gone by.

It is also thought that Robert Burns favoured Tennent’s as he was a regular visitor to the Saracen Head pub in Glasgow. The Sarry Heid was owned by Robert Tennent, one of the original business founders.

Moving into the 20th century, Tennent's can lay claim to a number of significant innovations in the drinks industry.

The brewery produced what is thought to be the first draught lager in 1924, the first canned lager in 1935 and the first keg lager in 1963.

Tennent's Lager: Scotland's favourite beer

Today, Tennent’s Lager is Scotland’s favourite beer, accounting for around six in every ten pints of lager sold in Scottish pubs.

The new centre features motion capture animations developed by Glasgow School of Art; new artwork from graffiti artist Conzo Throb; personal stories from generations of Tennent’s alumni and fascinating historic artefacts.

The tour ends at the revamped tasting experience, home to the country’s latest Tennent’s Tank Lager installation. Guests here can sample brewery fresh pints of Tennent’s from impressive copper tanks filled with unpasteurised liquid straight from the brewery floor only a few hundred meters away.

Alan McGarrie, group brand director for Tennent’s Lager, said: 'The Tennent’s Story is at the heart of Glasgow’s history, and with this significant company investment at our home at Wellpark, we are bringing the story to life.'

'It has been an incredible transformation, watching the space develop into a truly immersive experience that showcases the brewery, the beer and the brand. The Tennent’s Story is going to take people behind the scenes like never before, and we can’t wait to open the doors to fans from today.'

'More than a beer'

Actor Martin Compston was one of the first to visit the new centre.

Actor Martin Compston was one of the first to visit the new centre.

Line of Duty star, Martin Compston, was at the launch.

As well as touring the centre, Martin got his hands on the first pint of tank lager from the tasting experience.

Speaking at the launch Martin, said: 'I’m massively impressed; the place looks amazing. Obviously, I know my way around a pint of Tennent’s very well, but I was blown away by the history of the whole thing – the connections to Robert Burns and Bonnie Prince Charlie and some incredible photos going back through the years.

'It’s going to be a great attraction for the East End of Glasgow, but something like Tennent’s, it’s more than a beer; it’s part of our culture and our heritage. It deserves something at this sort of scale and it was an honour to be invited to be the first person to check it out.'

The Tennent’s Story is open for booking.