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December 5, 2018

Firmly established in Giffnock and Netherlee, Catch opens a new branch on Gibson Street in Glasgow's West End today.

If you have been to either of the existing Catch outlets then you know the score. Catch bills itself as a 'posh modern day neighbourhood fish and chip shop and restaurant'.

In a time when concerns over healthy eating and sustainability are high on the wish list of diners, it makes sense to update the chippie.

Over the last two to three decades, many long-standing staples of the eating and drinking scene have, after a period of stagnation, changed dramatically.

Set a new course

Pubs, especially in Scotland, used to be boozers. They were places for drinking where food was, at best an afterthought. These days, it is a foolish publican who isn't giving their food offer at least as much thought as their beer list.

Many Indian and Chinese restaurants have also adapted over the last twenty years and radically changed course in order to compete in a hugely expanded restaurant scene. 

Scallops are on the menu at Catch.

Scallops are on the menu at Catch. Pic: Facebook.

Chippies like Catch in Glasgow and, as per yesterday's blog, Bertie's in Edinburgh are just as keen to re-position the idea of the chip shop. Roy Brett's Fishmarket restaurant and takeaway in Newhaven is another example.

Catch has done it by emphasising their commitment to sustainability; expanding the range of fish and seafood they sell and doing it all in a dining space which is comfortable and casual rather than utilitarian.

What this means on the plate is that your cooked-to-order fish is, where possible, fresh and sourced from sustainable, Scottish coastal fisheries. Chips are twice cooked in rapeseed oil which is recycled.

Of course, Catch sells haddock and cod in batter along with chippie classics such as battered pork sausages and haggis.

Seared scallops

Much less traditional are choices such as the salt and chilli squid, seared scallops or the king prawn and mango salad. All dishes which you might expect to find in a seafood restaurant rather than a chippie-restaurant hybrid.

Of course, any new restaurant that wants to be up to date had better offer a range of vegan and veggie dishes.

At catch, you could tuck into a breaded halloumi burger, isle of mull mac 'n' cheese or vegan fish and chips - Asian tofu with nori seaweed dipped in Catch batter and served with vegan tartare.