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January 14, 2019

There are always new bars and restaurants opening in Glasgow and Edinburgh but the start of 2019 seems particularly busy.

Lucky old us.

First up, we'll make quick mention of Crescent which is being pulled together in the former Distil site on Argyle Street in Glasgow.

We are sketchy on details but Crescent's Facebook page has the following:

'Good spirits and food to share is our modus operandi. Crescent is a relaxed drinking parlour to enjoy great drinks with better company.'

Finnieston is a hugely competitive part of town for bars and restaurants but sharing good food and great drinks in a relaxed setting sounds a smart place to start.

We'll bring you more info as we get it.

Sticking with Finnieston, last week we mentioned that the Soul Food Kitchen was gearing up to launch at the Finnieston end of Sauchiehall Street.

The new vegan restaurant will open its first customers from 5pm this evening.

Head Off Piste

French onion soup topped with a Gruyere crouton at Off Piste.

French onion soup topped with a Gruyere crouton at Off Piste. Pic: Facebook

Not so far away, there is a new venture at 9 Radnor Street.

The building which once housed Monty's and then 1010 is now known as Off Piste.

They are billed as serving 'breakfast, brunch and French'.

Your blogger has long had a soft spot for French cooking and at Off Piste their beef Bourguignon comes with sage and pancetta roast potatoes while their onion soup is topped with a Gruyère crouton .

Both of those dishes sound like rib-stickers which could help fight off the worst winter weather.

Many media outlets are predicting that a new version of the Beast from the East is on the way.

If correct - and it's not just a ploy to shift more newspapers/get more clicks - then we are facing Snowmageddon over the next few weeks.

Heading Off Piste and hunkering down over some cockle-warming, French classics might be just the ticket.

Get a slice of the action in Giffnock

Mind you, if the weather turns even more Baltic then warming your hands on a slice of piping hot pizza can also help.

We note that 800 degrees is a new pizza place which is preparing for launch on Station Road in Giffnock.

We'll be back tomorrow with a recipe for teriyaki pork from Quality Meat Scotland.