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March 5, 2019

We've already mentioned The Amsterdam a couple of times in the 5pm food blog.

A bar with a basement music and club space, it opened on Brunswick Street towards the end of January.

Part of the Brunswick Hotel, it has taken the more louche bars of Amsterdam for its interior design inspo.

Think hard rock dive bar on the fringes of the red light district.

Your blogger wandered in last week and instantly regretted not wearing an old Motorhead tour t-shirt or having our tats on display. Not that we have any ink.

Anyway, as it turns out you don't need to look like a Sons of Anarchy extra to get a warm welcome here - the staff are super friendly.

Not everyone will like it. Your gran might not want to sip her tea to a Beastie Boys soundtrack. A couple of women friends found the idea of drinking in a bar illuminated by a sex shop sign distinctly off putting.

Rock star brunch buns

On a more positive note, we definitely were taken by the range of burgers (pic above is from the bar's Facebook) and their rock star buns which are named after classic bands.

Having always had a soft spot for hard rock, we were never going to dislike a bun called Led Zeppelin.

Especially when it is filled with pork sausage, scrambled egg and Cheddar.

Ditto the veggie AC/DC - a potato scone with friend egg, roast tomatoes, Cheddar and honey mustard. The breakfast and brunch menu describes it as a 'highway to flavour heaven'.


Of course, for many people, Amsterdam is synonymous with marijuana and Glasgow's 'Dam does have hash on the menu.

Their version comprises crispy fried potatoes, pork sausage, roast tomatoes, caramelised onions, two eggs and cheese.

The menu advises customers to 'stick that in your pipe and smoke it'.

Obviously, no-one is smoking anything inside since the smoking ban came into force in 2006.

While smokers may not be welcome if they spark up indoors, dogs are. The Amsterdam is very much a pooch-friendly pub and several handsome examples can be found on the bar's Facebook page.

Long may they rock on.

The 'Dam: enjoyably dingy.

The 'Dam: enjoyably dingy. Pic: Facebook.