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April 3, 2019

As part of Great British Beef Week, OnePoll asked 2,000 meat-eaters to identify the most popular beef-based meals.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a roast dinner topped the poll with the traditional beef roast coming out top in every region of the UK.

Except for those la-di-dah Londoners who, no doubt just to be different, said they prefer steak.

Beef burgers, cottage pie and steak and ale pie also made the top ten.

Of course, with beef long being associated with John Bull and a certain strain of nationalism, one could be forgiven that this all sounds a little, well, Brexity.

However, plenty of the dishes in the top ten and elsewhere on the list have culinary roots which stretch far beyond the English Channel.

Beef curry or spag Bol?

Boeuf Bourguignon, spag bol and beef curry all made a strong showing as did crispy chilli beef, Vietnamese pho and jerky - America's answer to shoe leather.

Whether you prefer to eat your beef as Stroganoff or teriyaki, those polled like to eat beef eight times a month on average.

Jilly Greed, co-founder of Ladies in Beef, a organisation for female beef farmers, said: 'It is great to see that so many people value the quality of British beef and are choosing some of our finest cuts to create international dishes, which are gradually becoming true staples in households across the UK.

'British beef is nutritious, versatile and delicious and so, this Great British Beef Week we are urging the public to include more British beef in their diet, and taste the difference it can make to mid-week meals.'

Favourite meat

If the poll is to be believed then beef eaters don't need much encouragement to eat more of it. The research found three quarters of those polled said they look forward to eating beef dishes more than any other while 41 per cent said beef is their absolute favourite type of meat.

One of the most interesting factoids to emerge from the research was, flavour aside, for 48 per cent one of the big draws of beef is that it brings back fond childhood memories.

Who needs Marcel Proust and his madeleines when you can have steak and kidney pie?


1. Roast dinner
2. Steak
3. Spaghetti Bolognese
4. Lasagne
5. Beef burgers
6. Cottage pie
7. Chilli con carne
8. Steak and ale pie
9. Beef stew
10. Beef casserole
11. Spaghetti and beef meatballs
12. Beef curry
13. Beef ribs
14. Beef stroganoff
15. Corned beef hash
16. Beef wellington
17. Crispy chilli beef
18. Bourguignon
19. Beef pot roast
20. Beef fajitas
21. Beef tacos
22. Beef in beer
23. Hungarian goulash
24. Beef teriyaki
25. Beef salad
26. Beef jerky
27. Beef tagine
28. Beef schnitzel
29. Beef pho
30. Steak and kidney pie

Of course, if you need any inspiration to get into the kitchen during Great British Beef Week then you might want to take a swatch at the Inspiration Hub on the Scotch Kitchen site.