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May 28, 2019

All being well, Kukina should opens its doors tomorrow on Leith Walk.

'Fresh, organic, delicious Turkish street food' is promised and it will be available from breakfast through to dinner at Kukina.

Setting up shop in a former Polish mini-market, it is a funky looking place with quirky lights, 3D flower pictures and even a mini library.

The weather has been regrettably changeable over the last few days but when the sun does settle in for an extended period, Kukina's patrons will be able to soak it up from the outdoor seating.

Dip into this

At the time of writing, the menus have not quite been 100% finalised (we'll update if they drop later today) but, judging by the Facebook pics, there will be lots of dips, breads, spreads, falafels and cheeses. Pic above from Kukina Facebook.

We haven't spotted any yet but don't be surprised if a little sticky baklava isn't on hand to soak up the coffee.

It doesn't do to lump together all the different dishes from Turkey, Iran, Syria and Lebanon anymore than it does to lump together all the different regional/national cuisines of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

However, the last few years have seen an increase in the number of new restaurants from the Middle East opening in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Incidentally, you can browse 5pm Dining offers by cuisine.

Obviously, you don't need to be an avid newshound to figure why many people have made the decision to set up home far away from that region's troubles.

And while Turkey may not have the same scale of problems as some of its near neighbours, one imagines that it is not a country where all of its citizens feel entirely comfortable at the moment.

The world on Leith Walk

Of course, we have no idea if any of this applies to the team behind Kukina but the make-up of Leith Walk's ever vibrant restaurant scene closely reflects changes in Edinburgh, the UK, Europe and the wider world.

Much like layers of sedimentary rock, you can track the geopolitical and economic changes in the openings and closures of community boozers, sushi bars, coffee chains, Indian restaurants, Polish cafes, Spanish tapas bars and shisha shops.

We wish Kukina every success.