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May 16, 2019

We try and avoid covering these daft PR stories but this one from the house share site SpareRoom tickled our fancy in an irresistible manner.

You have undoubtedly heard of the Quattro Formaggi pizza which uses four cheeses?

SpareRoom have gone one better - well 37 better to be precise - and devised a recipe which uses a cheese from all 41 of the countries entered for this year's Eurovision song contest.

That's right. From Russia to Ireland, Azerbaijan to Australia, the Quarantuno Formaggi pizza includes a cheese from every country competing in the world’s cheesiest event, Eurovision.

Perhaps not surprisingly, pizza is the most popular take-away ordered by flatmates and we dare say that large quantities of it will be scoffed on Saturday night as the competition gets underway.

Sweet cheeses

While exotic pizza toppings are not new - see the recent stories about the aardvark pizza said to be on sale in Kilmarnock - the Quarantuno Formaggi takes things to a whole new level of cheesiness.

It is topped with, among others, Azerbaijan Kajmak Travnik cheese,Cypriot Halloumi, Latvian Talsu Ritulis Green, French Camembert, Dutch Gouda, Spanish Manchego, Swiss Emmental and British Wensleydale.

We can't help but feel that 41 different types of cheese combined with a marathon Eurovision-viewing session might lead to some fairly psychedelic dreams but who are we to judge?

A London pizza bar is offering free Quarantuno Formaggi on Saturday night but that will be of little use to most 5pm users.

However, if you fancy a crack at a slightly simpler version of the Quarantuno Formaggi - and who really has the strength to source Serbian Bryndza or ideed Swedish Åseda Gräddost? - then there is a recipe for a ten-cheese pizza here.

Dodge Eurovision with 5pm Dining

Of course, never mind a 41-cheese pizza. If the thought of spending your Saturday night watching Eurovision has you shouting 'Nul points!', we have plenty of tasty Big Deals with restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh.