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May 1, 2019

Following from last month's blog on the festival, we figured it was time to fill your re-usable coffee cup with some more frothy details. 

As we have already outlined, the two day event will be packed with top class cafés and brilliant baristas, artisan roasters and expert cuppers. 

It is also aiming to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Last year 30% of attendees brought their own cup but the organisers hope to see that number rise. 

This year, Glasgow Coffee Festival is going one step further with its ethical approach and has carefully selected a milk supplier befitting of their eco-conscious ethos. 

‘We are going to be supplying the "gold standard" of milk to the Glasgow Coffee Festival – 100% grass-fed, cow-with-calf (where the calves stay with their mother), and completely plastic-free. It’s a first for Scotland!’ says Bryce Cunningham, Dairy Farmer at Mossgiel Farm. 

As well as Mossgiel Farm, exhibitors at the show include Accento Cafe, Argyll Coffee Roasters, Dear Green, Gie It Laldy, Spitfire Espresso and Two Birds. 

Guests can also look forward to presentations from: 

32Cup, Ally Coffee, Caribbean Goods, Colombian Artisan Coffee, Dear Green and Food Story. 

Heathenish brew

We are looking forward to the presentations from Lost Glasgow

At 12.30pm on Saturday and Sunday, Norry Wilson of Lost Glasgow will be present eye-opening talks about the history of the festival venue, The Briggait (main pic), and its connection with the ‘heathenish brew’. 

Lisa Lawson: founder of Dear Green Coffee Roasters and Glasgow Coffee Festival.

Lisa Lawson: founder of Dear Green Coffee Roasters and Glasgow Coffee Festival.

Glasgow Coffee Festival founder, Lisa Lawson, says; ‘It’s an exciting time to part of the coffee industry, we’re seeing innovative new products emerging all the time. The Glasgow Coffee Festival will celebrate how far the industry has evolved and give coffee lovers an exclusive taste of what to look out for in the near future’. 

And if you want to know what the future holds for coffee lovers, Lisa has been gazing into her tea leaves, er, coffee grounds: 

Coffee cocktails 

‘From cold brewed coffee, to sparkling, carbonated and nitro coffee – cold coffees offer a completely different taste experience. This year, for example, we’ll be welcoming Two Birds Cold Blend Coffee to the Glasgow Coffee Festival to unveil their new grab-and-go product. Using ethically-sourced Brazilian Fazenda Pantano beans, the drink is blended with Two Birds’ ACE formula of antioxidants, vitamin C, echinacea, ginger, turmeric and agave. Festival-goers can have their say on the blend by dropping a coffee bean into a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’ pint glass. We think it’ll be a hit! 

'We’ve also found there’s an increased demand for coffee cocktails of every nature; from the classic Espresso Martini, which is currently enjoying a resurgence, to the cocktail of the moment – the Espresso and Tonic which is taking over Instagram feeds everywhere. (It’s comprised of a cool mix of an espresso shot, tonic water and lime syrup, in case you’re wondering.)' 

Home roasting and grinding 

‘The coffee consumer is becoming more discerning – not only are they brewing fresh coffee at home, seeking out fresh beans to grind rather than buying instant, but interest in home roasting is also gathering momentum.’ 

Transparency in ethical sourcing 

‘Transparency in ethical sourcing is becoming increasingly important to the consumer. Small roasting businesses are forming more direct trade links to coffee farms.’ 

Increased environmental awareness 

‘We’re seeing more and more consumers shun plastic and disposable cups in favour of more environmentally-friendly reusable cups, and we’re supporting this increased environmental awareness 100% by teaming up with KeepCup once again at the Glasgow Coffee Festival.’ 

Decaffeinated coffee beverages 

‘Once the drink of choice for those looking for a caffeine hit, we’re now seeing a marked uptake in decaffeinated coffee beverages, for those who enjoy the taste experience of coffee but who don’t necessarily want the kick.'

The Glasgow Coffee Festival will take place 10am-6pm on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May 2019, at The Briggait, Glasgow. 

Tickets start at £16.50 and include admission to the event, a goody bag, one hot drink and entry into the prize draw.

'That should keep us going...'

'That should keep us going...'