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May 31, 2019

Assuming that you haven't been hanging out under a rock recently then you will probably have noticed that meat-free diets have been in the news quite a bit.

And for a lot of people, it's a serious business. Animal rights activists have been storming Nando's while other commentators have been questioning just how healthy a vegan diet really is.

Battle lines are being drawn between those who see a meat-free planet as the only one we will be able to inhabit and those who think that many of the latest meat-free initiatives are a big business con trick.

Of course, for most of us, we're perfectly happy to eat more tasty, plant-based dishes; eat less intensively reared meat and try to buy more ethically farmed meat.

As the much vaunted Mediterranean diet underlines, it's all about balance.

Eat a balanced diet

Restaurants have not been slow to see which way the balance has been tipping recently and it is a dull-witted chef that doesn't include a decent selection of veggie and vegan dishes on his or her menu.

Glasgow's Halloumi restaurants - one on Hope Street, one on Pollokshaws Road - have always had a good selection of vegan and veggie dishes on their menu.

Which is what you would expect from a kitchen that draws its inspiration from Greece.

Recently, they have bolstered the meat-free credentials of their menu with four new dishes:

Beetroot and yoghurt hummus

Char grilled halloumi bruschetta

Halloumi, sweet potato and chilli burger

Greek mac 'n' cheese made with layers of bubbling halloumi (pictured above)

Halloumi, sweet potato and chilli burger.

Halloumi, sweet potato and chilli burger.

Lapreet Atwal,  general manager at Halloumi, said: 'We listened to our guests and decided that we wanted to add more meat-free alternatives to the menu. Mediterranean dining is all about fresh ingredients and our new dishes celebrate that. We now have more sharing options for our guests to enjoy and we can’t wait for our customers to stop by and join us for a taste of sunshine whatever the weather.'

Naturally, you can book into either the city centre Halloumi or the Southside Halloumi via 5pm dining.

Beetroot and yoghurt hummus.

Beetroot and yoghurt hummus.