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June 13, 2019

And the results are perhaps not a huge surprise.

It turns out that everybody loves a pizza and bowl of pasta. The two foods are among the most popular in the world and Italian cuisine beats all others in the popularity poll.

Chinese and Japanese cuisine were the next most popular.

It may also not come as a surprise to learn that British cuisine is looked down on in Europe. In particular, the Germans, Spaniards, Danes and French all held British food in low regard.

Only 25% to 28% of them who had tried our food said they liked it. The Japanese are even less keen. Of those surveyed, just 20% said they liked British food.

As you might expect, British food is rather more popular in Britain with 91% of Brits saying they like it.

Showing a 91% popularity rating, Italian food level pegs with British food in the UK. Chinese food and Indian food are also very popular with ratings of 86% and 84% respectively.

Finnish and Peruvian food were at the bottom of the popularity stakes although one has to ask how many of the people surveyed have tried either.

You can see the full results here.

Top 50 British classics

A further YouGov study deep dived into how Brits ranked British food. More than 6000 British adults were asked to rank 50 of the best known British dishes by popularity.

The results were divided into five tiers from god tier to crap.

Yorkshire puddings, Sunday roasts, bacon sarnies, fish 'n' chips, crumpets and the full English breakfast were all in the god tier.

Regrettably haggis languishes in the bottom tier along with other despised delicacies such as faggots, kippers, steak and kidney pudding, black pudding and laver bread.

The least fancied food is jellied eels with only 6% of those who had tried them saying they enjoyed the Cockney favourite.

Of course, you can search all the 5pm restaurants by cuisine and book online. Although you may struggle to find anywhere selling jellied eels.