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June 5, 2019

Located next to the Barrowlands, Glasgow's best-loved gig venue, the new bar has yet to announce an opening date but it all looks very intriguing.

According to their website, '226 Gallowgate is the location, not the name'. Apparently, it doesn't need one as 'people will reference and develop the identity, and the location and history bring a truly unique and powerful energy'.

Fair enough, although we suspect most people will come for the good looking food and drinks menus.

Interesting menus

At the weekend, you could start your day with a full cooked or go Spanish and order up the serrano ham and Manchego cheese with  tomato-rubbed bread and olive oil.

At lunch or gig times, there is a selection of sarnies including roast chicken with spring onions, mayo, smoked cheddar and lettuce or you could have a simple grilled cheese with tomato relish.

The main menu is an appealing mix of the familiar - burger in a brioche bun - and more exotic combinations. Starters include courgette and dill pancakes with soured cream, beetroot and pickles or there is a mussel stew with tomatoes, almonds and sourdough bread.

For a main course, you could get stuck into a plate of boiled gammon and buttered cabbage with spring onion mash. Or go for the aubergine and sofrito filo pie with wilted greens and potatoes.

We even like the look of the bar snacks. Salt beef fritters with Reuben sauce and sauerkraut? Cockle popcorn with chilli salt and vinegar?  Cauliflower pakora with mint chutney? Yes, please. We'll have all of them.

Arts, music, food, drink, good times

They have also had some fun with the drinks menu. If you're buying, we'll have a Ballroom Spritz (pictured above, pic from bar Facebook).

The new bar aims to be 'inclusive, friendly and creating the conditions for a varied and creative environment, filled with arts, music, food, drink and good times'.

All of which we can get behind with enthusiasm.

​Possibly most winningly, the website states that profits will be used to 'further progress local regeneration programmes within the community'.

It all sounds really interesting and we look forward to the bar with no name opening its doors.