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June 10, 2019

You know what it's like. You're craving some patatas bravas or a platter of Iberico ham as pictured above but your fortnight in the sun is still several weeks away.

A new restaurant on Edinburgh's Union Place can make it all better. Slated to open on Wednesday 12th June, La Sal joins the highly competitive group of restaurants opposite the Playhouse.

With links to La Sal which operated (still operates?) in the Southside for several years, the new venture takes over the premises formerly occupied by Al Fresco.

The tapas format may well be perfect for catering to a pre-theatre crowd.

Diners/theatre-goers might feel nervous at ordering a three course meal an hour before the curtain goes up but tapas are rather more flexible.

Although, we are equally as sure that all the restaurants catering for the Playhouse audience are well practised in knocking out their pre-theatre menus in good time.

Authentic Spanish tapas

Getting back to La Sal...

Decorated with vintage pictures of Spanish drinks brands, the restaurant offers a short selection of Spanish white and red wines, Cava and sherry.

The lunch and main menus are packed with choices which will be familiar to anyone who has set foot in an Anglo-Spanish tapas restaurant.

Alongside the calamares and Spanish omelette are other dishes which might be less commonly spotted.

Garlic scrambled egg with artichokes is a new one for this scribbler as is the queso de tetilla frito which is described as a deep-fried, creamy Galician cheese.

Of course, there is no shortage of veggie options. Whether you fancy aubergine slices with egg, almonds and a rich tomato sauce or mushrooms stuffed with mozzarella, La Sal has your back.

We are looking forward to having a natter with a pal over retorta Tio Pepe - a sheep's cheese platter served with two glasses of Tío Pepe, quince paste with raisin bread.

According to La Sal's Facebook page, source of the main pic above, they aim to open their doors to the general public on Wednesday 12th June.

We wish them every success on what is possibly one of the most hotly contested restaurant strips in the capital.

Book tapas restaurants via 5pm

Naturally, La Sal is not the only Spanish tapas restaurant in Edinburgh. 

Tapa in Leith and the Cafe Andaluz restaurants on George Street and George IV Bridge are all bookable via 5pm.

As is Cadiz, also on George Street.