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August 6, 2019

A couple of weeks back, we blogged about our visit to the Causewayside venue and some of the beautifully presented dishes we ate there. 

What struck us most about the bar was that none of the food would have looked out of place in a restaurant.

Put another way, people's expectations of bar food have come a long way in the last few years. 

As a follow-up to our visit, we had a chat with Andy Keir, the driving force in Damm 27's kitchen. 

He tells of his love of Alex Ferguson's management style, home-pickled beetroot and 90s football players. 

Of course, if you want to view the menus or try the food at Damm 27 then book in here

5pm bookers can enjoy several offers including 20% off the à la carte menu; two courses from the lunch menu for £7.50 or a brunch dish with a glass of juice or tea and coffee for £12. 

Damm 27 offers a variety of burgers.

Damm 27 offers a variety of burgers. Pic: Gram Social.

Could you give us a brief résumé of your career to date? 

AK: I started my career working at Scottish bistros around Edinburgh then worked as Head Chef at Hotel du Vin in St Andrews for five years. Recently, I worked in Los Angeles at a British/French bistro. 

Can you describe the style of food served at Damm27? 

AK: Classic European. 

Andy Keir, Head Chef at Damm 27.

Andy Keir, Head Chef at Damm 27.

Is there a most popular dish for your customers? 

AK: It’s all pretty varied which is good. The vegan and vegetarian options are very popular. 

What got you into cooking to begin with? 

AK: I left Art School and got a job as a kitchen porter, listened, learned and then gradually worked up to chef level. 

Where/when did you first start working? 

AK: My first kitchen job was in a tiny place in Fife called The St. Michael’s Inn in 2000. It's an old school, bar lunch place. 

Is there any food you hated as a kid but love now? 

AK: Mayo. 

What is your favourite ingredient to work with? 

AK: Lamb. 

The bouillabaise at Damm 27.

The bouillabaise at Damm 27.

What do you like to eat on a night off? 

AK: Roast chicken with all the trimmings or a chippy. 

Which chef has inspired you? 

AK: Not one chef has really inspired me, Alex Ferguson’s management style is my biggest inspiration to young chefs. 

Is there anything you couldn’t eat? 

AK: No. 

Ketchup or Maldon sea salt? 

AK: Ketchup. 

You can get anyone in the world to cook you a meal. Who will it be? 

AK: When I was a kid, my late, great grandmother used to make barley broth, then pan-fried breaded haddock with home-pickled beetroot. Amazing. 

Apart from Damm27, where do you like to eat out? 

AK: First coast restaurant in Dalry. 

What is the best thing about being a chef? 

AK: Compliments. Even the smallest ones make a long day worthwhile 

And the worst? 

AK: No compliments after a long day. 

Have celeb chefs been a good or bad thing on the whole? 

AK: Bad. They make it look easy. 

Lobster Tuesdays are a hit at Damm 27.

Lobster Tuesdays are a hit at Damm 27. Pic: Gram Social.

Who cooks at home? 

AK: My fiancée. 

You’re cooking a special meal for your partner. What’s cooking? 

AK: Gordal olives and a decent cheese and meat platter. No mess. 

What is in your fridge at home? 

AK: Port Salut cheese is always a staple and then loads of vegetables. 

What is your best piece of printable kitchen slang? 

AK: We have nicknames for our staff based on 90s football players. So when you ask Stoichkov the KP to hand over the cutlery to John Jensen I get funny looks.

A selection of dishes at Damm 27.

A selection of dishes at Damm 27. Pic: Gram Social.