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September 4, 2019

Feeling peckish for some mid-week food news nuggets? Tuck in your napkin and pass the salt.

First up, we are reeling with the news that, after more than 30 years, DiMaggio's in Glasgow's West End has closed down and will re-open as a second branch of Chakoo Bombay Café.

Much like the sky being blue or your laptop crashing before you saved your last hour's worth of work, we had assumed that DiMaggio's West End was immutable, unshakeable. It would always be there.

Or not.

Apparently, since it opened on St Vincent Street three years ago, the first Chakoo Bombay Café has proved so popular that it made sense to close the Ruthven Lane DiMaggio's and open a second branch of Chakoo in its place. The main pic, taken from Facebook, shows the interior of the original Chakoo Bombay Café.

While the DiMaggio restaurants won - and maintain - a loyal following thanks to their Italian American menus, Chakoo Bombay Café is modelled on the Iranian cafés which were popular in Bombay, now Mumbai, in the 1950s.

The original Iranian cafés were laidback places where anyone, irrespective of creed or cast, could wander in and have a Parsi lamb fritter or a cup of Iranian chai.

We understand that the new Chakoo will open in October.

Adios Pancho Villa!

Over in Edinburgh, another long-standing stalwart of the restaurant scene is about to change.

The industry newsletter Propel reports that Ruori Stewart, operator of The Apartment in Barclay Place, has bought the lease on Pancho Villa's in the Canongate.

A Mexican restaurant, Pancho Villa's has been dishing up the guac and Margaritas since 1988.

Apparently, it will operate as The Apartment pop-up before a refurb and relaunch with a new concept.

Make mine a matcha

We were also intrigued to read of a new business called the I'm Still Standing Brewing Co.

Founded by a couple of drinks industry veterans, the company makes alcohol-free beer alternatives.

Rather than trying to make another alcohol-free beer, a fairly crowded market, they have come up with Zag, a blend of matcha green tea and botanicals, including mint, cucumber, lime and lemon.

The idea is to deliver 'the characteristics of a beer-drinking occasion, without attempting to mimic the flavour of beer'.

Look out for Zag being rolled out nationally by the end of the year.

Grubs up

Finally, we leave you with this article from today's Guardian. Plant-based diets may be hogging all the headlines right now but it seems as though insects and grubs are going to play a major role in our eating habits within a decade.

The worm is turning, as it were.

Back tomorrow with news of more openings.