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October 28, 2019

Three years after the original Chakoo Bombay Café opened on St Vincent Street, a new branch will open on Ruthven Lane tomorrow (29th October).

Previously, the premises housed a branch of Di Maggio's, the popular Italian American chain.

If pasta and meatballs are out then saag paneer and bhara kebabs are in.

The original Bombay cafés were established by Persian and Iranian immigrants who came to India in the 19th century. They sold a mix of classic Iranian grill dishes and Bombay favourites.

Bombay curries and Iranian grills

The two Chakoo Bombay Cafés have updated the concept and added wine, beers and cocktails alongside the chai tea.

As well as boozy Negronis, Mojitos and Indian whisky, they also sell a range of alcohol-free cocktails such as the Cardamom Royal - cranberry juice spiced with cardamom, cloves and fresh lime.

The food menu includes a mix of small plates, curries, kebabs and salads.

We like the sound of the lasooni tikka which is billed as 'sizzling hot chicken pieces basted in a garlic, green cardamom and ginger paste'.

Perhaps with a side of masala fries.

The West End Chakoo will open at noon. Main pic is from Chakoo's Facebook.

How much?

In other news, a recent survey has found that Glasgow enjoys some of the cheapest beer in the UK.

While Londoners pay  an average of £4.49 for a pint, Glaswegians pay an average of £3.01 a pint.

Commissioned by SMARTY, the only SIM-only mobile network, the research figured that the average drinker will spend £38,819 on pints of beer over a lifetime.

That is a sobering thought for a Monday morning.