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October 23, 2019

The former Casa Mara premises re-open later this week as Michael's Grill and Seafood Place.

We are not 100% certain about this but have a strong suspicion that the Michael in question is the energetic and relatively young chef that runs Michael Neave Kitchen and Whisky Bar on Old Fishmarket Close and also Michael's Steak and Seafood Bar on Jeffrey Street.

If it is Chef Neave - when does he sleep? - then the Eyre Place venture will be his first in the New Town. If all goes to plan, it should open its doors on Thursday 24th October.

Local seafood takes pride of place on the menu with Loch Fyne oysters, Shetland mussels and the aforementioned Eyemouth lobster all getting a look in.

We have an eye on the hot shellfish platter: Shetland mussels, East Lothian crab claws, tiger prawns, baby scallops, surf clams, samphire, a saffron and white cream sauce plus a herb-crumbed oyster for £25.95.

Chips cooked in beef dripping

The grill section of the menu serves fillet, rib, sirloin and rump steaks with skin-on chips cooked in beef dripping. Naturally, you can order them with a Béarnaise sauce, garlic and herb or green peppercorn and brandy.

Still not tempted? How about picked and flaked Arbroath Smokies in a creamy leek and potato broth? Or crispy haggis croquettes with a seared king scallop and spiced neep purée?

We could very easily be tempted by the char-grilled calves' liver with Arran mustard creamed spuds.

Should you need any more encouragement, Michael's Grill and Seafood Place will also fix you a cocktail. They can shake up a Cosmo, Mojito, Bramble or Old Fashioned and they all cost a fiver each.

I'll repeat that. Their cocktails are all five pounds each. There is a phrase you don't hear in Edinburgh very often.