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November 1, 2019

As mentioned a couple of times previously on the blog, Bowlarama has been getting ready to rumble in the former Tiger Tiger complex on Glassford Street.

According to their Facebook, everything is now in place and the venue will soon echo to shouts of 'Strike!' as guests try out the tenpin bowling lanes.

Yes, that's right. Bowlarama is a tenpin bowling palace which also has a dance floor, restaurant and bar. Main pic from Bowlarama Facebook.

Or should that be Bowlarama is a restaurant and bar with tenpin bowling lanes?

Either way, you get the picture.

Rumour - and surveys - have it that the very profitable 18-24 year-old section of the night time economy is turning its back on booze.

For around a quarter of that age group, going out and having or one or two drinks more than is wise has become distinctly unfashionable.

It helps that social media now means that a single night of drunken mistakes may well find immortality in the electronic ether and that is a risk which fewer and fewer young people are willing to take.

Alternatives to the ale

As a result, canny bar operators are offering an alternative to booze.

Urban golf, swanky new pool halls, table tennis bars, arcade game bars, new school darts bars and even axe-throwing clubs are springing up to meet a demand for Insta-friendly, experiential nights out.

Which is where Bowlarama steps in. Yes, they have a bar but the bowling alleys, dance floor and restaurant provide more ways of entertaining yourself.

For many, another round of Jaegerbombs holds less appeal than a round of haggis bon bons and a shot at the pins.

So brush up on your bowling lingo. Being able to hold your liquor is losing it kudos but the cool kids all know the difference between a baby split and and a back-up ball.