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November 15, 2019

We will kick off with the earth-shattering news that a Scottish hotel is the best place in the UK to enjoy afternoon tea.

According to a survey of 10,000 TripAdvisor reviews commissioned by Premier Inn, Greywalls Hotel in Gullane, East Lothian, does the best afternoon tea in the country.

So take that, Mr Snooty Pants Ritz.

As it happens, we have a Big Deal on an overnight stay at Greywalls so you can road test their afternoon tea and see if you agree with 10,000 TripAdvisor reviewers.

In previous blogs, we noted that Bowlarama had opened its doors on Glasgow's Glassford Street.

Combining a late bar with a restaurant, dance floor and several ten pin bowling lanes, the new venture was set up by the team behind the popular Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn.

As part of their launch program, Bowlarama is giving away 100 free games of bowling on Thursday 21st November. 

Guests can strike it lucky on a first-come, first-served basis with one game of bowling available per person between noon and 5 pm. 

Fully licensed with a quirky Tiki bar, comfortable snug and 80 cover restaurant serving up comfort food, cocktails and snacks, the alternative late-night venue is open every night until 3am.

As well as bowling, scoffing, dancing and drinking, the venue's attractions also include a collection of retro arcade game machines such as Street Fighter II and Maximum Tune.

New Head Chef at Rogano

Sushi has been added to the menu at Rogano.

Sushi has been added to the menu at Rogano. Pic: Facebook.

A five minute walk away, Rogano is bedding in a new head chef. Martin Connor is the new top dog in the seafood restaurant and he is putting his own stamp on the menu.

Classic dishes such as the Rogano fish soup, lemon sole and lobster thermidor remain but new options include a sushi and sashimi platter.

Zipping across to the West End, we see that Rosie Healey, formerly of Alchemilla, is to set up her own restaurant in the former Firebird premises on Yorkhill.

According to a Cate Devine piece in The Scotsman, the former Ottolenghi chef will call her new venture Gloriosa.

She is quoted as saying:

'My food is inspired by the colours of ingredients. Colour is as important as anything else and is often the starting point for me... It looks very simple on the plate but it’s not. The complexity is in the flavour rather than in what you see. My food is not played with. I don’t do puffs, gels, foams, ices and water baths. To me, that kind of cooking is very male, and more about showing off the chef rather than what’s delicious to eat.'

BrewDog Kennels

Heading up to Aberdeen, BrewDog have launched their first mini-hotel above their Castlegate Bar.

Called, inevitably, a BrewDog Kennel, each room features French-press coffee, a record player with vinyl, a guitar, dog beds and treats plus a 'shower beer'.

Call me a snob but while this blogger has enjoyed the occasional G'n'T in the bath we draw the line at chugging a beer in the shower.

Have a fantoosh weekend!