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November 18, 2019

It has been a long time coming but Glasgow's second Bibimbap opens its doors to the public this week.

The original West Nile Street restaurant was a hit pretty much from the day it launched and there has been much anticipation about this new West End branch.

Bibimbap II has been taking shape in the former Nam Tuk Tram Stop on Partick Bridge Street. Main pic above is from Facebook.

Just like the first branch, the West End Bibimbap is a bright, vibrant looking venue. As well as their trademark coloured umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, the new restaurant is lit up with neon and also enjoys great people-watching potential due to its airy glass frontage.

Korea is no stranger to bitterly cold winters and Korean cuisine has its fair share of hearty rib stickers that will help ward off the coldest weather.

We would go for the kimchi- jigae, a spicy stew made from kimchi simmered with pork and tofu.

Of course, the restaurant's signature dish of bibimbap would also hit the spot. A hot stone pot filled with rice, beef and veg, all topped with a fried egg, sounds like the perfect comfort food.

Naturally, we also need to mention their ever popular KFC or Korean fried chicken.

Tabletop BBQ

Just as likely to be in demand at Bibimbap West End are the table BBQs. For £26.50 a person, minimum two people, guests can cook their own spicy pork neck, pork belly slices or la galbi - beef short ribs.

The meat is accompanied by lettuce, garlic and chilli, a spicy green onion salad, enoki mushrooms, soybean paste stew and our old friend kimchi.

There is even some soju - Korea's national spirit - to go with the feast.

This being 2019, the new Bibimbap also offers a full gluten-free and vegan menus.

If the soju doesn't appeal, Bibimbap also offers beers from around the world, wines, lots of spirits, Korean softies, a range of teas and several cocktails.

Geonbae! as they say in South Korea.