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November 14, 2019

Taza in Town is up and running right now while German Doner Kebab is about to face its first week in business.

Premium lean meats, handmade toasted breads and signature sauces are the not-so-secret weapons at the new German Doner Kebab outlet which opens next week on Lothian Road.

Part of a global chain, GDK's parent company is actually based in Glasgow but the kebabs they sell owe more to the thriving kebab scene in Berlin.

Their first store opened in the German city in 1989 and they spent their initial decade in business refining their spicing, their cooking techniques and the exclusive ingredients they use.

The aim is to have 'created a healthy and nutritionally balanced approach to traditional kebabs'.

Quite how concerned the traditional kebab fan is when it comes to health and nutritional balance is perhaps moot but the GDK menu works for us.

From their Original German Doner Kebab to the doner spring rolls via the 329 calories Doner Gym Box, there are plenty of options that we could happily sink our gnashers into. Main pic is from GDK UK Facebook.

Taza in Town

 Judging by their website, GDK has branches everywhere from Bahrain to Brooklyn.  

Less prolific but just as welcome is the new Taza in Town which has launched on Bread Street. Which, as it happens, is just around the corner from the Edinburgh GDK.

Spurred on by the success of his Taza Bake bakery on a Leith industrial estate, owner Abdullah Razzouk has expanded and opened this new restaurant in the city centre.

It claims to be the first Syrian restaurant in town and the menu has plenty of choices which will be familiar to fans of food from the Levantine.

The full menu is here but the highlights include stone-baked pies, sandwiches, shawerma; a great variety of grilled meats and some divine-sounding desserts.

If you really want to push the boat out for a special celebration with friends and family, Taza in Town will even cook an entire lamb - smaller portions are available - in their stone oven.

As you might expect, a couple of days notice is needed for this gorgeously extravagant idea.

We hope that German Doner Kebab and Tawaz in Town enjoy every success.

The careful use of authentic herbs and spices is at the heart of the menu at Taza in Town.

The careful use of authentic herbs and spices is at the heart of the menu at Taza in Town. Pic: Taza in Town Facebook.