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November 6, 2019

The Cove restaurant in Edinburgh's Blackhill have done a good job of publicising their launch.

The Hillhouse Road Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant promised that a limited number of people could enjoy a complimentary two course meal at their soft opening events tonight and last night.

They received over a thousand requests and picked up a nice article in the Evening News.

The official opening is tomorrow (Thursday 7th November).

Indian street food

Over in Morningside, Masti is getting ready to launch at an as yet unspecified date.

They may not have sold their first chapati but the Masti team are confident that they will be deliver the 'best Indian street food in Edinburgh'.

Spices imported from Indian and a kitchen team with 35 years of experience at the stove means that they hope to provide 'a modern Indian street food restaurant that reminds you of actual Indian street food'.

The BYOB policy may also entice a few customers along to the Morningside Road premises when they open their doors.

Montreal-style bagels

Moving away from the Indian subcontinent, we transfer our attention to Montreal-style bagels.

Montreal-style? Isn't New York the home of the bagel?

Well, apparently not and this Huffpost piece explains the difference - it's all down to texture and the water used for the boiling part of the bagel-making process.

You learn something new every day.

Anyway, Bross Bagels has already expanded from its original Portobello base and opened on Leith Walk and in the West End. The main pic is from Bross Bagel's Facebook.

Tomorrow, they officially launch a fourth branch and this one is on Bruntsfield Place.

The business owner, Lara Bross, has had fun putting together the menu.

The different bagels on offer include the Cluster Pluck, The Goy and The Brunchfield.

While the new Bross Bagels will happily fix up a traditional cream cheese and lox, many of their options are rather more adventurous.

The Brunchfield features wasabi cream cheese, hot smoked salmon, crispy capers, cucumber and lamb's lettuce.

Best of luck to all three new ventures.