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December 31, 2019

Today is all about the giggles as we pick out some of the dafter predictions for the food on our plates in 2020.

We filleted the following sites for crazeee nuggets but, if your appetite has been tickled and you crave something more substantial, they all provide interesting insight on the foods we might be eating in 2020 and will bare up to a deeper dive:

Business Insider, Eat This, Eater, Big Seven Travel, Uber and the ever intriguing Baum + Whiteman restaurant consultants.

Judging by which food searches are accelerating, Uber reckons that starfruit, squid ink and collagen - not together presumably - may well be three of the most popular ingredients in 2020.

Business Insider has done some research on Uber's predictions and points out that not only is starfruit very insta-friendly but that it has also been shown to reduce the risk of fatty livers in mice.

Handy if you are a mouse and also one to bear in mind if you are in the mouse foie gras game.

Booze-free cocktails

Baum + Whiteman's annual food trend report, has an eye-catching but terrifying headline: Why millennials are killing your cocktail.

It appears that those pesky millennials and their idiotic insistence on good health is responsible for a rising tide of low and no-alcohol cocktails. Florid-faced Gen Xers, such as your blogger, can start fretting about booze-free gin and tonics. It's a thing. They exist.

More happily for us old soaks, Eat This reckons that boozy tea could be big in 2020. Double voddie with your Darjeeling, vicar?

Ingredient fads

According to Big Seven Travel, the era of the acai is over. We weren't really aware it had started but apparently, ube, a sort of purple yam, is the hot new veg to look out for. Ube? Who knew?

Continuing the theme of hot new ingredients and techniques which sound like made-up words, Eater mag lists the following: aronia berries, energy-enhancing adaptogens, gastrophysics, pinsa-style pizzas, nixtamalization and, I kid you not, cheese tea.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal is predicting that lasagne will be one of the most popular choices on all the menus in New York's hippest restaurants next year.

Of course, lasagne has always been hugely popular in Glasgow. Proof, were any needed, that Glasvegas is always light years ahead of the culinary pack.

See ya in 2020.